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Offers a number of ready-made describing wheel templates which you can reuse in your own diagrams. These describing wheels are smart and printable.

Describing Wheel

The describing wheels are great tools for group activities. It is used to provide information about a main topic of a story or a part of a story, such as a person, place or thing being described.

The Describing Wheel looks like a bicycle wheel and a pie with a round center. The center is where the topic is placed. Add describing words about your topic between the spokes.

Describing Wheel

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Describing Wheel Symbols

Select the describing wheel symbol, the user can add a segment or delete a segment by the quick menu. Every spokes can have different color. The text and the gap size can be set, too.

Describing Wheel Symbols

Describing Wheel Template - Sector Circle

Write details about your topic in the sector circles. Click the floating action button to hide or show the border circle.

describing wheel - sector circle

Describing Wheel Template - Pie Circle

Write details about your topic in the pie circles.

Describing wheel determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their. The describing wheel is a graphic organizer for students, allowing them to explore a topic or subject while utilizing critical thinking skill.

describing wheel pie

The following templates can be reused in the Edraw software. They are grouped in topical sets as Mind Map templates.

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