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Some flowchart templates showing how flowcharts can benefit your daily life. Draw flowcharts effortlessly in software with auto generation function.

Flowchart is the graphic representation of the information, ideas, action or objects flow in a system. It can not only benefit experts in business process but also bring good to daily life for everyone. See how does it do good to all of us through some examples.

Flowchart Template 1: Make Zongzi

Everybody loves nice food. Sometimes it is not easy to find that special taste you like, and then you may prefer to cook it yourself. Here is a flowchart about how to make Zongzi (one of the most popular Chinese food). Click the picture to view large version.

Make Zongzi Flowchart

Another similar example is about how to grow lily.

Flowchart Template 2: Remember Lyrics

Many people like singing, but many have trouble in remembering the lyrics. For these people, a flowchart is of great help. The flowchart below helps you understand and remember Beatles' Hey Jude very easily. Click the picture to view large version.

Remember Lyrics Flowchart

Flowchart Template 3: Make Friends

The hot TV Series The Big Bang Theory really bring much fun to audience. Sheldon created a flowchart about how to make a friend. You may have a look at it just for fun or apply it when making friends.

Make Friends Flowchart

Flowchart Template 4: Understand E-commerce

Life is full of wonder that waits you to explore. When you come across something new and want to understand it quickly at a glance, just rely on flowchart. Here is an example helping you to understand the process of e-commerce.

E-Commerce Flowchart Template

More Flowchart Usage:

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