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Meet Kevin Lee
Name Kevin Lee
Industry Biologist
Role Research Assistant
He needs drawing software for various diagrams and drawings to understand the working of systems in living beings. He also needs support for creating charts, graphs, and maps to represent datasets in research.
Kevin Lee is a skilled and knowledgeable biologist with an excellent track record of accurate and reliable research results. He is very experienced in collecting exact data to conduct experiments for studies in a plant and animal cells. He is known for his expertise with high-tech tools and scientific instruments in research and experiments.
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Wide Support for Symbols

Kevin deals with many types of biological diagrams and drawings. This needs precision and very keen attention to detail. Hence, the drawing software must have an extensive range of symbols and support for symbol import. He always had a problem with other programs where he needed technical expertise or dealt with limited symbols.

Variety of Visual Data Representation

Only bar charts or line graphs are not always enough to represent critical data from research. We need multi-dimensional, accurate, and understandable visual data representation tools. Sometimes the data deals with more than two dimensions, and more innovative solutions are required.

Easy to Use

Scientists do not appreciate spending time learning programs and softwares. Therefore, perfect software must provide an easy-to-use layout and auto adjustment tools for adding symbols, customization, and formatting.

The Solutions
Kevin learned about EdrawMax Online in the list of recommended drawing programs in his supervisor's literature. He went through all recommended softwares and picked EdrawMax because of its extensive support for symbols related to plant cells and the internal functioning of living beings.
He also uses statistical data and visual representation. He was amazed to see that he could import spreadsheets and data files. It saved a lot of time and effort because adjusting the data in a particular format, copy and pasting, and then turning it into a chart was always a tiring ordeal.
EdrawMax proved to be the most economical solution too. It has a free version too. The paid plans are very affordable and provide a significant number of features and facilities. Since it offers many different types of solutions, the user can create many different types of solutions. It also includes cloud storage for the team. So, it is an all-in-one solution for every requirement.
Cloud Storage
EdrawMax allows saving and managing files in cloud storage. You can set file sharing permissions, manage file conflicts and version history. Version control within the team is consistent, and you can also check the revision history to manage corrections and versions. Cloud storage is an excellent way to manage files in a project with many people working on them. It saves the hassle of exchanging documents and files.
EdrawMax User Story Cloud Storage
Source:EdrawMax Online
Pre-made Templates
EdrawMax Online has a comprehensive and well-stocked library of designer-made templates that are fully customizable and free to download. You can use these templates as a foundation for your science and biology diagrams. It helps to focus more on the functional details and working of the model.
There is a large selection of templates in EdrawMax online. You can also add your diagrams to the templates library for the benefit of the community. Also, if you use the same format repeatedly, you can consider adding it to the template library and just picking it up from there every time.
EdrawMax User Story Pre-made Templates
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
Import and Export
Importing the data is an excellent feature because it allows the scientists to import the research data and statistics from the data files and spreadsheets. This data can be converted into a visual representation of different forms, for example, pie charts, waffle charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and many other formats.
Once the diagrams are ready, you can easily export them into many popular formats. Hence there is no compatibility restriction on sharing the files with people who do not use EdrawMax. Many formats are available, including PDF, PNG, JPEG, PPT, and even Visio files.
EdrawMax User Story - Import and Export
Source:EdrawMax Online
The Results
Wide range of symbols and notations for precise details in scientific diagrams
High efficiency and easy-to-use layout allow researchers to work without technical expertise.
Various forms of data visualization present data in a more understandable form.
Making drawings and diagrams for my research presentations is no longer a nightmare. I can simply pick the symbols from a well stocked library and drop in the auto adjustable canvas. A matter of few minutes and I am done.

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