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Meet Jennifer Prera
Name Jennifer Prera
Industry Restaurant
Role Social Media Manager
Jennifer is a social media marketer, and she needs to create engaging content for her company's social media handles. However, her company is a small startup, so she has to make the graphics and visual content herself. She needs a tool that allows easy graphics creation without technical expertise.
Jennifer Prera graduated in the IT field with a keen interest in social media marketing. She started as an intern in a big multimedia company. Later, she joined a new startup restaurant chain. She is responsible for creating flyers, announcements, milestones, and other visual and textual content to engage customers and potential investors.
EdrawMax User Story

Challenges and Problems You Are Facing in Work or Study

Ease of Use

Jennifer is not a professional graphic designer, so she needs a simple and easy-to-use tool with features like auto-alignment and drag and drops layouts. She can create marketing artifacts within minutes.

Availability of Templates

Various types of content are required for social media engagement. Pre-made designer quality templates help Jennifer create catchy content that helps in user engagement and brand visibility.

File Format Compatibility

Micro social media handles need smaller files, while others may need high-resolution graphics files. So, exporting into a wide range of popular file formats in EdrawMax solves this problem.

The Solutions
Jennifer is working with a startup, so the funds are limited. They do not have a separate graphic designer; therefore, Jennifer is responsible for all designing efforts. She badly needed a drawing tool that was easy to use for people without a graphical design background. She studied popular drawing software in the market and finally decided to use EdrawMax as her official drawing software. The features that convinced her were the wide range of templates, text formatting, and auto-alignment. She was especially attracted to infographics because she could not create such organized content herself without these templates.
Free of Cost Digital Templates and Libraries
EdrawMax has an ever-growing collection of templates and symbols libraries. Jennifer uses a wide range of these digital assets free of cost without extra overhead. The templates are designer-made artifacts and can be fully customized. She primarily uses infographics templates and flyer templates. She also keeps committing her work to the library for the community and easy access. EdrawMax presents hundreds of templates in the library. Fortunately, there is a built-in search feature for finding the most suitable template choices for particular needs. Once you choose the template, you can fully customize it like your own work. There are no copyright restrictions or sharing issues.
EdrawMax User Story - Free of Cost Digital Templates and Libraries
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
All in One Solution
EdrawMax has solved many challenges for Jennifer and her team. She can create visual and textual content in this program with easy-to-use tools and resources. She can then export her work in many different formats for distribution on social media and print and advertising purposes. She is more productive as she can create email banners, postcards, flyers, blog images, and every type of marketing content in one software. EdrawMax also promotes faster performance and gives a more convenient method to explore their creativity.
EdrawMax User Story - All in One Solution
Storage for Digital Assets
As we already discussed, Jennifer works for a new startup; therefore, it is crucial to make budget-friendly choices. By using EdrawMax, they can also reap the benefits of cloud storage and team collaboration tools without paying any extra penny. All the digital resources are stored in the cloud storage, and the relevant team members can access them. EdrawMax Online provides a workplace with personal cloud storage where the team members can save related files. They can send their work directly into their Cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Version control and tracking of changes are also available.
EdrawMax User Story - Storage for Digital Assets
Source:EdrawMax Online
The Results
Better user engagement through compelling content
Cost-saving through in house graphic designing
Attracting investment in a new startup through effective communication
EdrawMax is like a magic wand in my hand, and I can create designer-quality graphics and infographics without any extra training. We have recorded a massive improvement in our user engagement, consumer response, and overall brand popularity.

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