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Progress Report Visualization Using EdrawMax

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Meet John Parker
Name John Parker
Industry Marketing & Sales
Role Sales Manager
The collection of data in sales and marketing is essential. John Parker thinks graphs and charts present data with visual cues and accurately understand the information for proper action.
John Parker is responsible for directing sales teams, creating and implementing sales strategies, and maximizing company ROI. He also contributes in coordination of team with senior management, solving customer complaints, and recruiting employees. John also makes extra efforts to employ technology in his work environment to save time and automate the process. Hence, he is very well aware of the top-notch software and programs in the market.
EdrawMax User Story


Visual Representation of Bulk of Data

We have a lot of data spanned over various dimensions. We need suitable representation tools that are easy to understand, communicate the message at a glance, and do not take too much time to create.

Import of Data

Copying all the statistics and numbers from the pre-existing file formats is error-prone and consumes a lot of time and resources. We need a tool to efficiently import the data from spreadsheets, surveys, and CSV files.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Accuracy in statistics and data is the foundation of decision-making in sales and marketing. The highest data quality provides confidence in that data. When the data quality is high, the sales and marketing team produces better outputs.

The Solutions
Sales and marketing is a very competitive field. Data drive it, and most decisions are based on these statistics, data, surveys, and marketing numbers. John was constantly feeling overwhelmed with different charts and graphs. Very few software programs offered a complete range of visual representations of data, and then there were subscription costs and licenses involved.
John needs a proper representation for using numbers and statistical data by bringing a visual tool to add meaning to it. Even the most accurate and relevant data is useless if no one understands the meaning behind it. Charts and graphs help to bring the static data to life. Different Types of Charts.
Finally, John's IT department referred their sales team to EdrawMax, the most economical, broad, and comprehensive program. John's sales team gave very positive reviews because they discovered many different types of tools for their work. They could use mind maps in brainstorming, flowcharts for planning, infographics for presentations, and charts and graphs for data presentation.
Efficiency Using Templates
One of the greatest advantages John's team found was templates. They can pick the most suitable template and customize it according to their needs. The template library is well stocked with all types of templates, infographics, and drawings. These templates are free to use and completely customizable.
EdrawMax User Story - Efficiency Using Templates
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
Easy Report Distribution Using Export Option
Exporting files in the most popular formats(PDF, PPT, Visio, JPEG, etc.) guarantees the prevention of file compatibility issues. These issues cause a significant loss of functionality, sometimes leading to permanent data loss or incorrect functionality.
During the Covid lockdown, remote working was the norm, and cloud storage came lifesaver. All the team members collaborate as they work on the same floor.
EdrawMax User Story - Easy Report Distribution Using Export Option
Different Types of Graphs and Charts
Graphs and charts organize, compare, and highlight important statistics, trends, and comparisons. They make the data representation easy to understand and remember. Visuals are always better for retention in memory. Each type of graph and chart is useful in its way to display different types of data. Data display in an effective model is important when creating reports and forecast models.
In some projects, we got some legacy Visio diagrams to follow. EdrawMax has an option to open and edit Visio files. So, there was no software switching, and we kept working on the legacy files without any compatibility issues.
  • Bar Graph: They compare several categories of data for displaying numerical data.
  • Line Graph: It graphically displays data that changes continuously over time.
  • Pie Chart: Pie chart represents composition, nominal or ordinal categories of data, showing percentage or proportional data and comparing areas of growth within a business.
  • Histogram: It represents the shape of the data's distribution, summarizes large data sets graphically, and communicates the data distribution quickly to others.
  • Area Chart: Area charts show a simple comparison of the trend of data sets over a period of time. It also displays the magnitude of a change and compares a small number of categories.
EdrawMax User Story - Different Types of Graphs and Charts
Source:EdrawMax Online
The Results
Using templates allows a quick start for saving time and effort.
Improved efficiency of team members as the requirements are fully understood.
Well-designed and efficient data visually display.
Using EdrawMax is like opening up a new door to the digital world. My presentations and reports look like professionally designed documents. The data is accurate and presented in a very attractive and easy to understand format.

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