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Meet Kate Johnson
Name Kate Johnson
Industry IT Development
Role Programmer
UML modeling diagrams for requirement analysis and development.
Kate Johnson is a full-stack developer and thinks UML modeling is the first step towards a comprehensive and robust software engineer solution. These diagrams make analysis and design accessible, and we can conveniently present the proposed solution to all stakeholders without going deep into complex implementation details.
EdrawMax User Story


Robust Solutions

Simple errors caught in the advanced stage of development mean hours of wasted effort and resources. Diagrams in the analysis and design phase present a comprehensive picture of the system for early detection errors and omissions.

Easy Communication

Wrong perception of requirements and scope results in conflicts between the development team and clients. Diagrams serve to quickly communicate the scope, requirements, results, and feedback.

Expensive Licenses

Many professional softwares in the market are costly and beyond our budget. We need a low-cost solution that covers all types of modeling diagrams without the need for technical skills.

The Solutions
“In our tea time, we were always discussing missed requirements, how a client was pushing us to expand the scope of the project one more time and how a small error in the initial phase was now a nightmare at the eleventh hour before delivery. Then we started looking for suitable software for UML modeling to help communication with the clients and team members. We discovered EdrawMax Online eventually. It was easy to fit it into our process because it has a very easy layout and every member of our team, even without a programming background was able to join the bandwagon. Once we were able to freeze everything in use case diagrams, interaction diagrams, class diagrams and other diagrams, we had a documented pathway leading to robust and error free software. “ Kate believes that using UML modeling has helped them to move on to a smooth development process.
The main benefits of using EdrawMax Online are;
Easy to Use
No technical background is needed to use EdrawMax Online. So, everyone can use the software with simple drag and drop. The comprehensive symbol libraries and font customization make everything very straightforward. It only takes a few clicks to create professional-quality diagrams.
The layout is very clean and easy to access and similar to MS office. We can use symbol libraries, templates, and styling tools with the mouse. So, the learning curve is extremely easy.
EdrawMax User Story - Easy to Use
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
Cloud Collaboration
Team collaboration is the most bright star in EdrawMax's portfolio. EdrawMax has cloud storage for both personal and team use. It allows users to store files online to accessible to all authorized team members and a cohesive and unified workspace is formed. Users can access the files online and collaborate in real-time. Cloud storage allows for version control, revision history, and real collaboration. All the relevant stakeholders can work on the same files without any transfer of files and any version conflicts.
During the Covid lockdown, remote working was the norm, and cloud storage came lifesaver. All the team members collaborate as they work on the same floor.
EdrawMax User Story - Cloud Collaboration
Highly Compatibility
Easy distribution of diagrams is another benefit of EdrawMax. We can export the diagrams in PDF, graphics formats, JPEG, Visio, and many other formats. Therefore, compatibility is not an issue, and we can share our diagrams with all stakeholders without needing them to install EdrawMax.
In some projects, we got some legacy Visio diagrams to follow. EdrawMax has an option to open and edit Visio files. So, there was no software switching, and we kept working on the legacy files without any compatibility issues.
EdrawMax User Story - Highly Compatibility
Source:EdrawMax Online
The Results
Using templates allows a quick start for saving time and effort.
Improved efficiency of team members as the requirements are fully understood.
Less number of revisions and bugs in the final solution.
EdrawMax Online is like a new workspace where all the tools are nicely stacked up and available for use with simple drag and drop. We have experienced improved efficiency and smooth operations. We can easily create all types of diagrams with great support of symbol libraries and templates.

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