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Meet Micheal George
Name Micheal George
Industry Electrician
Role Electrician
Micheal George needs a software program to design electrical circuits in digital format. The required features in the software are ease of use, a simple learning curve, and standardized symbols.
Micheal George designs, installs, and repairs electrical systems such as communications, control networks, and lighting in medium to large setups like businesses, industrial setups, and public spaces. He also provides services like troubleshooting and repairs. He has a strong commitment to providing support documents and services to the clients so that they have all their electrical infrastructure properly documented.
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Maintenance of safety protocols

Without proper planning and analysis, circuit design has a high chance of safety hazards. It can lead to short circuits, accidents, and equipment damage, especially for larger circuits.

Wasteful circuits

Energy leakages and inefficient consumption because of poor circuit design is a rising concern because even small wasteful segments become a constant and significant energy loss for companies.

Electrical maintenance without diagrams

Electrical maintenance without diagrams and documents is like shooting a spear in darkness, and it can either hit or go waste. Similarly, troubleshooting circuits with hit and trial is a challenging issue.

The Solutions
Micheal George is a seasoned electrician with many successful projects on his credit. He usually works for large-scale systems and industrial setups. He frequently encounters systems where the documentation is incomplete, and troubleshooting, repairing, or extending such systems is challenging. Hence, George is fully convinced that every electrician must be well versed with circuit drawing, standardized circuit symbols, and digital drawings. George also mentions that the digital drawing system is important because it is easy to save, access, and update. He strongly encourages all his trainees and colleagues to learn electrical drawing software.
Industrial projects are particularly complex, and the methods and means of electrical contracting are also very challenging and need special care. George sets up a resource plan and identifies the red-flag warnings so that he can plan and respond proactively.
Continuity of Work and Easy Troubleshooting
George is a strong advocate of circuit drawings and documentation because of his experience of challenges in legacy circuits troubleshooting. He mentioned that the time and resources required to troubleshoot an undocumented system are substantial losses for the company and safety risks. You usually fix one thing and disturb others, and the cycle goes on. Also, sometimes clients blame this on the electrician's incompetence, resulting in a bad reputation. Also, Micheal George uses the virtual workspace and cloud storage provided by EdrawMax very frequently to improve his team collaboration and communication within the team. When he designs a system, he puts it up on the cloud and gives review rights to team members, and they can review and leave comments in the diagram, which George reads later. So, all the communication happens in one place, which is straightforward and saves a lot of time, and minimizes conflicts.
EdrawMax User Story - Continuity of Work and Easy Troubleshooting
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
Maintaining Safety in Projects
Electrical systems are very secure because small mistakes can cause severe and dangerous consequences. Detailed circuit diagrams allow the designer to test and review their designs before implementing them. Hence, there are fewer chances of inefficiency and misjudgments. Complete and detailed diagrams allow them to check proper earthing, insulation test, wrong wiring, short circuit paths, etc.
EdrawMax User Story - Maintaining Safety in Projects
Proper Scheduling and Resource Distribution
EdrawMax is a flexible platform that helps teams communicate and work on their projects collaboratively. It also happens in the context of proper scheduling and resource allocation. Project managers in electrical projects can also use the timelines, work breakdown structures, and other planning tools in EdrawMax to analyze and plan resource allocation, projected timelines, role and responsibility assignments, and so on. It helps in timely project completion and a smooth working environment.
EdrawMax User Story - Proper Scheduling and Resource Distribution
Source:EdrawMax Online
The Results
Properly documented electrical system with detailed documentation
Structured project analysis and execution with defined roles and responsibilities
Efficient electrical systems by avoiding resource leaks and wasteful circuits.
I am an electrician, and computer usage is not my strongest point. However, EdrawMax is so easy to use that I can effortlessly use it to draw optimized circuits and systems. No doubt, I can design more efficient circuits, and it also helps me delegate work to my assistants because of proper documentation.

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