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Meet Lily Mehta
Name Lily Mehta
Industry Education
Role Early Year Educator
Lily Mehta explains that teaching requires a lot of planning, organizing, and engaging content for students. They need to introduce new learning material according to curriculum requirements.
Education has changed a lot over the past few years. Now, we have a curriculum supplemented by the psychological and emotional needs of the students. Then there are special needs students too. These students need extra attention and a different way of planning and scheduling the content. These new requirements need innovative and supportive tools.
EdrawMax Education User Story


Increased Classroom Interest

Innovative worksheets, lesson plans, work plans with art and crafts, and scheduling tools help create more class engagement. It enhances the students’ interest in the subject matter and helps them learn effectively.

High Productivity

Teachers need to create various teaching aids to use in the classroom. Drag and drop layout, auto-alignment, and a wide variety of premade professional templates allow teachers to be more productive.


An all-in-one software tool like EdrawMax is a very cost-effective solution because it covers many different requirements. It supports planning, scheduling, infographics, and student progress tracking.

The Solutions
EdrawMax provides a comprehensive solution to all challenges and requirements related to the education field. Lily Mehta thinks that introducing this drawing and diagram tool to her classroom proved a life-changing decision. It saves her so much time and effort that it helps her focus on other tasks.
Lily has years of experience working with early years students. She has worked consistently to remain updated with current research, methods, and tools to manage and provide for her students' ever-changing, diverse learning needs. Lily is particularly concerned about creating a positive learning environment to engage young children. She also studies the developmental needs of the age group she is dealing with. This helps her to introduce appropriate instructional practices in the classroom.
Her desire and active research to cater to her students' needs and incorporate new technologies in the classroom landed her to EdrawMax Online. She studied this tool and found out that it can help her create teaching aids for a better learning environment, cultivate interest in students, and better learning outcomes.
EdrawMax proved to be a drawing, planning, and organizational tool for lesson preparation and other tasks in the classroom. She used it to create reading comprehensions, language learning maps, word structures, arts and crafts worksheets—class display posters. Topic centers and scheduling also became noticeably convenient. Her students have shown a significant improvement in interest building and attention spans for even the most tricky topics.
Variety of Templates
EdrawMax has a well-stocked library of templates related to many fields, including education. In fact, templates from many fields help teachers to explain their topic in a more engaging and accessible manner. Science teachers may use scientific diagram templates like the human body system, structure of leaves and plants, chemical reaction illustrations, etc. Reading comprehension worksheets, language maps, mathematical graphs, and other tools also support the teachers immensely.
EdrawMax User Story - Variety of Templates
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
Infographics are another great tool provided by EdrawMax Online. Using visual and text aides, teachers can use these infographics to provide comprehensive information about a vast topic. A balanced combination of text, layout, graphics, and graphs explains the topic easily yet effectively.
EdrawMax User Story - Infographics
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
Easy to Use
Teachers have a lot to deal with in their careers. Therefore, any tool's very high learning curve is not feasible for them. Lily Mehta confirmed that using EdrawMax is as easy as using Microsoft Word or other frequently used software. It has a drag and drop layout, so you have to pick the symbol and drop it on the canvas. Auto alignment and adjustment mean the layout of the drawing will be adjusted automatically in a clean and understandable format.
EdrawMax User Story - Easy to Use
Source:EdrawMax Online
The Results
Better class engagement means happy students.
Better planning and scheduling.
Accurate child assessment and reporting.
I can easily design resources to inspire, engage and educate my students in a stress-free environment using the worksheets, plans, templates and infographics in EdrawMax Online. It's a dream come true.

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