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Meet John Williams
Name John Williams
Industry Construction
Role Building Design
An all-in-one tool that supports drawing various diagrams and plans required in building design.
John Williams is an accomplished draftsman in building design. He identified that he spends a considerable amount of time switching from one app to another to draw different diagrams. Compatibility was also a glitch when sharing the drawings with the team.
EdrawMax User Story


Improvement in Communication and Coordination

The construction industry needs a combination of work from many different teams. They need a framework for communication and coordination. Standardized diagrams allow everyone to understand the other team's perspective quickly and correctly.

High Efficiency

Switching between different apps for different drawings takes time and kills the workflow. When you have all your drawings in one platform with cloud storage, the access and collaboration with the team are quick.

Easy Distribution

The distribution between different teams needs a format that everyone can access without conversion or installation. Also, it is important to keep the versions of drawings in check to avoid confusion.

The Solutions
John is always looking for innovative solutions to help his workspace. He is always trying different solutions, new gadgets, and tools to support the process. EdrawMax Online is also his discovery, and the whole team is now benefiting from this tool. Since it has a fully functional free program, he could try it without any cost involved before introducing it to his colleagues. Once he was fully satisfied and his coworkers started complimenting him for his professional-looking accurate drawing, he was convinced that EdrawMax could make a difference in their work.
John's team has observed many positive changes after adopting EdrawMax. They consider it their best solution for construction drawings, diagrams, and plans. John also saved a lot of time that would have been spent in learning new softwares and tools. His team was also able to prevent costly revisions by creating different types of diagrams. They could detect conflicts and confusions, evaluate design options, and pick up mistakes before even material cost is incurred.
Now, once the drawings are ready, how would you share them with your colleagues? John thinks distribution features in multiple popular formats are an important requirement for better team collaboration and sharing of documents. PDF, PNG, JPEG, and other graphics formats are the most acceptable and portable document formats. These formats can be accessed directly on any computer or mobile device.
Cloud Storage
Cloud storage provides many benefits to the company. It serves as a common workplace for working and storing diagrams. They can give customized permission to each user group depending on their needs. So, the plumbing team can share all plumbing diagrams and may not have access to floor plans and so on. Secondly, the version control on the files is automatic, and there is no confusion because everyone has the same file. Revision history is also available.
EdrawMax User Story Cloud Storage
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
Wide Range of Drawings and Diagrams
EdrawMax Online eliminates the need for different software programs for different types of diagrams. It supports a wide range of diagrams related to building design. Examples are floor plans, security plans, garden designs, HVAC, layouts, etc. A well-stocked library of symbols for each type of diagram is part of the program, along with the feature to import customized symbols.
EdrawMax User Story - Wide Range of Drawings and Diagrams
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
John had benefitted from the templates library included in EdrawMax online many times, especially when he started using this program initially. It gave him a quick start, and he could experiment more with the designs. They are using the program more extensively now and have also contributed to the templates library. They use their custom templates for the most commonly needed plans and drawings. All templates in the library are fully customizable and downloadable.
EdrawMax User Story - Templates
Source:EdrawMax Template Community
The Results
Improved efficiency and time saving.
Better team collaboration and coordination.
All in one solution cancels the need for multiple solutions.
I am now considered the most up to date person in the company. Everyone used to praise my professional looking diagrams and presentations. Now, they all use EdrawMax for all their drawing needs.

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