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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/21/2019
Create custom business cards, invitation cards and flyers and so on. Choose from hundreds of our templates to design your perfect card of your own style.

The fastest and easiest way to make your own business cards or flyers that don't compromise on quality is to use ready-made templates. Edraw offers templates of business card, flyers, invitation cards, banners, festival cards and so on. Just rely on Edraw to draw any kind of card of characteristic easily.

Sample Business Card Templates

Cosmetics Business Card

beautiful business card

Flower Business Card

business card - flower

Food Business Card

Food Business Card

Hairdressing Business Card

Hairdressing Business Card

All Business Card Templates Available

Flyer Templates

Invitation Card Templates

Christmas Cards Examples

Free Download Business Card Software and View All Examples

Features of Edraw's Templates

  • Ready-to-use
  • If the template is suitable, users can directly inset their own information and then print in large amount. Just double click the example icon to open it and then print.

  • High Quality
  • All templates are professionally design in vector format, full color and perfectly laid out. All shapes are pre-drawn shapes which are clear and highly scalable.

  • Easily Editable
  • You can modify the templates easily. Double click in the shapes to replace text. Reshape the shapes through the selection handles. All shapes can be rotated, recolored and relocated easily through simple drag-and-drop or point-and-click editor. The overall style can be even changed at 1 click through themes.

  • Visually Pleasing
  • With coordinated color, vivid clipart and sometimes tasteful backgrounds, Edraw's templates are a highly artistic blend of text, image and color.

    How to Customize Business Card

    Do one or more of the followings to customize your business cards.

    1. Insert Vector Text

    Vector text offers more possibilities to highlight information. It can be treated as shapes which can be edited to add texture fill or various line styles. Go to Insert tab, click Vector Text and then input your message. Change fill and line style of the vector text under Home tab in Style group.

    insert vector text

    2. Add Beautiful Background

    Edraw has included some pre-set backgrounds for instant use. After you open the General libraries, select a suitable backgrounds and then drag and drop it to your business card.

    Area Chart Symbols 2

    3. Use Pre-drawn Clipart

    Similar to backgrounds, clipart can also be reached by opening the Illustrations library. After you drag a clipart picture to the canvas, it is selected by default. Drag the green square handles outwards to enlarge it and drag them inwards to shrink it.

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