How to Make Great Venn Charts

Creating a venn chart is easy with pre-made shapes and templates in Edraw. Below is a step by step process on how you can create a venn diagram.

Start Venn Diagram Software

Open Edraw venn diagram software, from Available Templates choose Business Diagram, double click Venn Diagram icon to start the drawing page, you will see all the built-in venn diagram symbols on the left of the canvas. Drag and drop any shape you want to start your drawing.

Start to Draw Venn Chart

How to Customize Dynamic Venn Shapes

Some venn diagram shapes are designed with action buttons and control handles, using which you can easily set circle numbers, change the circle size and the intersection area size.

  • To change the circle size, drag the yellow handle on the edge of the circle.
  • Change Dynamic Venn Size

  • To resize the intersection area, drag the yellow handle in the middle. Through this control handle, you can also change the circle positions.
  • Venn Intersection Area Resize

  • Click the actions button to set circle numbers.
  • Set Circle Number

  • Double click on the sample text to edit new text.
  • Edit Text

  • To change the color, click to select a circle (you might need to click more than one time to select a sub circle), and apply a color from the quick color bar at the bottom.
  • Venn Color

  • Apply a Theme and Change Its Style
  • Edraw has built-in a group of nice themes with nice fonts, effects and color schemes, which help you apply a professional and fresh look in just one or two clicks.

    Venn Theme

    Customize Non-dynamic Shapes

    For other venn shapes which don't have dynamic features, you can easily remove and resize them through simple mouse dragging, just like other basic shapes do.

    Venn Chart Examples

    A customizable and printable venn chart worksheet is well-prepared on the left, you can download and use it anytime.

    This quality venn chart worksheet is prepared for teachers and parents to download. Use it to practice the students' math skills.

    For the good of easing users' drawing process, we now offer a venn chart template readily available in vector format.

    To benefit more users, a sports marketing venn diagram template is also provided, with more creative distribution and more impressive appearance.

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