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Venn diagrams are commonly used in business presentations, to give audience a clear understanding of the logical relations among groups.

A great business presentation usually needs a fascinating PowerPoint slide, and catchy and informative graphics are essential parts. Edraw helps create nice Venn charts to impress your colleagues and associate partners with outstanding presentations. Below are some Venn diagram examples used in business.

Venn Diagram Example - Market Analysis

This venn chart clearly shows the core customers of the product, they are people who like eating snacks but don't want to gain weight. The market analysis is the key part of a business; you get to know who you will sell first, then how to attract them to buy your product through advertising and promoting. A Venn chart clearly conveys the information and gives you an instant understanding of the point.

Venn Target Market

Venn Diagram Example - Customer Satisfaction and Enterprise Longevity

With the development of the market economy, the purpose of enterprise is not only getting satisfactory profit, but also keeping the enterprise's longevity and sustainable development. This venn chart clearly shows the substantial relationship between customer satisfactory and enterprise longevity. If you need this example, just click on the picture to get the download link.

Venn Chart Customer Satisfaction

How to Draw a Business Venn Diagram

The examples we have shown above take only a few minutes to get done. This has to be thankful for our easy to use software, which contains a variety of built-in Venn chart templates, allowing you to directly drag and drop any shape you need. Here are the basic steps:

Open Edraw, from Available Templates choose Business Diagram, double click Venn Diagram icon to start the drawing page, you will see all the built-in Venn diagram symbols on the left of the canvas. Drag and drop any shape you want, and use action buttons and relative tools to customize the diagram.

Start to Draw Venn Chart

To have a more detailed tutorial, you can visit the following link: how to create great venn charts.

More Business Venn Chart Templates

Below are some well-designed business Venn chart templates available to download and use. Use these ready-made Venn charts templates to present your information instantly.

This 4-Circle Venn chart template is provided for download. Use it to represent your business ideas and impress others.

A nice Venn chart template is available in vector format, you can download and apply it anytime.

A Venn chart with circular template is specially designed for you in editable vector format, which is clear and attractive.

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