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Venn Chart is an effective visual tool to assist your teaching, which is commonly used in science and math classes. The following article will show you when and how to use Venn charts in your education work.

Unlike in the old days teaching is done only by a blackboard and the text books, nowadays with rapid technology growth, education is mainly based on the visual output. As a matter of fact, more and more teachers tends to use graphic organizers in class, and Venn chart is one of the most commonly used visual tool.

Use Venn Chart in Science Class

Venn Chart can be a great visual help in science teaching. It's usually used when solving problems as sort, compare, and contrast items. In class, teachers always need to prepare materials and worksheets to help students understand a particular point better. Through this interactive process, students can grasp what you teach more effectively. Below is a simple Venn chart worksheet helping students sort animals with the correct category. You can ask students to work cooperatively in different groups.

Venn Chart Animal Worksheet

A picture is worth a thousand words. While illustrating a new term or concept in class, using a graph can save much time and gain the best results. A Venn chart can make a complicated idea easy to understand and learn. Here is a Venn diagram you can use in science class while explaining the basic needs for a living thing.

Venn Chart Living Things Needs

Use Venn Chart in Math Class

Venn diagrams use circles to represent sets and to illustrate the relationship among sets. The areas where the circles overlap represent something in common. Venn diagrams can be helpful in solving logic problems. Let's try to use a Venn chart to solve this problem out:

In a class, there are 7 students who are both in the band and sports team; 8 students who are not in the band or sports team; 16 students are in the bands; and 19 students are in the sports team. How many students are there in the class?

Venn Math Problem

An Easy Way to Draw Venn Chart

The examples we have shown above take only a few minutes to get done. This has to be thankful for our easy to use software, which contains a variety of built-in Venn chart templates, allowing you to directly drag and drop any shape you need. Here are the basic steps:

Open Edraw Venn diagram software, from Available Templates choose Business Diagram, double click Venn Diagram icon to start the drawing page, you will see all the built-in Venn diagram symbols on the left of the canvas. Drag and drop any shape you want, and use action buttons and relative tools to customize the diagram.

Start to Draw Venn Chart

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