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The Most Comprehensive Clipart Collections

Clipart Bundled in a Software

Edraw clipart libraries are rich in different categories. There are many pre-made cliparts which could be inserted into the passages and diagrams. Draw with Edraw clipart libraries on Mac, Windows and Linux.


Cross Platform

Built-in Cliparts

Built-in Clipart

Create New Ones

Draw New Clipart

Plentiful Clipart Libraries for Diagramming

Abundant resources

Clipart Libraries Resources

Edraw provides users with more than 20 categories of exquisite cliparts which covers life scenes, working conditions, nature and environment, cultural elements etc. Supporting drag-and-drop usage, it makes your work more efficient with those pre-made resources. If you are an amateur, you do not need to worry about lacking designing skills. Those cliparts are your best option in diagramming.

Vector Graphics for Further Editing

Vector Cliparts

More than 10,000 cliparts are ready to be chosen from, among those elements are vector graphics for further editing in details. You can modify the color, size and even the shape and all your revisions will not lead to distortion. Customizing your own style cliparts with Edraw, you will draw unique diagrams with high productivity.

Professional design

Cliparts Professional Design

You can easily get access to professional and trendy works of outstanding designers. All the cliparts are designed exquisitely from the hottest materials. Almost all the scene you want to use can be found here including business, charts, education, nature, people, culture etc. With popular art works, you will have your diagrams and graphs more specialized.

Convenient share and export

Export Cliparts

Cliparts are mature enough for sharing and exporting in Edraw. It can be used as graphics adding to many other software for decorating. You only need to get this software for large libraries of cliparts. Edraw offers you a series of formatting options to share and export. Go to Export and Send menu to save your works in Graphics, Tiff, PDF, PS, EPS, SVG, Office, Html, and Visio formats etc.

Available Clipart Types

All the chart types below have special symbols and templates in our chart maker. Choose the exact template to start your design.


Animal Clipart


Buildings Clipart


Business Clipart

Design Elements

Design Elements Clipart


Education Clipart


Environment Clipart


Fashion Clipart


Festival Clipart


Food Clipart


Medical Clipart


Media Clipart


Nature Clipart


People Clipart


Religion Clipart


Sports Clipart


Technology Clipart


Tourism Clipart


Transportation Vehicles Clipart

You will love the powerful clipart libraries of Edraw.

Enjoy using cliparts for drawing diagrams and graphics on multi-platforms with this user-friendly application. You'll be surprised by its abundant exquisite cliparts, amazed on how easy it works, and satisfied with the service and price. Have a trial now!