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Perfect vector-based clip art drawing software with lot's of school clip art! Easy to draw clipart and free download.

Vector School Clip Art

Edraw Max includes lots of clip arts and illustrates all your school and personal projects with this easy to use software. You'll be able to personalize your business cards, greetings cards, header paper, menus, website and many more!

Free Download Edraw Software and View All Clip Art

Clip Art - School

The school clip art templates below contain some campus shapes such as books, knowledge, schoolwork, scratchpad, broadcast, aisle, playtime, bookrest, chalkboard, teaching material, calculator, diary, medal, etc.

Clip Art - School

It's easy to change the color scheme for the clip art in Edraw. Every clipart is designed with Edraw Software, so you can choose the sub element in the clip art to recolor it.

How to Use School Clip Art

Open Edraw. -> Choose Clip Art under File menu. -> Double click School icon. -> Drag necessary shapes and drop them on the canvas. -> Drag the square handles to resize shapes and drag the round handle to rotate them.

Icon of Scoll Clipart Template Enlarge and Rotate School Clipart
Recolor School Clipart
Open clip art Library Resize, recolor and rotate school Clip art

Clip Art for Word, PowerPoint and Excel

After you drag and drop a clip art onto the canvas, you can directly copy and paste it to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Alternatively, you can export them into MS Office format.

Scool Clipart for Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Application of Achool Clipart

They can be inserted to other diagrams to make richer infographics like flash card and worksheet. For example, several School clip art combined with some other shapes can form a beautiful and funny worksheet. Check out the pre-formatted example below. Click the picture to download it for your own use. There are more examples like Number Flash Card.

Color Worksheet

More School Clip Art

Royalty free school clip arts in vector format for teachers, websites, scrapbooking, bulletin boards, blogs, email, print projects and more. They are editable, can be scaled up or down in size or change colors to fit different themes.

More School Clipart

More Free Vector Clip Art

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