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Editable chart and graph symbols for pie chart, doughnut chart, column chart, bar chart, doughnut chart, line chart, gauges chart, area chart, comparison chart and spider chart.

All the chart and graph symbols are highly customizable and rich in options. You can change the category and series numbers from the action button. It will be shown on the top right corner when you select the shape. To change data, just double click on the default data and input a new number.

Symbols for Charts and Graphs

1. Column Chart Symbols

Provide editable column chart symbols including gradient column chart, clustered column chart, 3d column chart, stacked column chart, 100% stacked column chart, etc.

Column Chart Symbols

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2. Pie Chart and Doughnut Chart Symbols

Offer you a range of special pie and doughnut shapes, including gradient pie chart, gradient percentage pie chart, percentage pie chart, multi-pie chart, pie chart with handle, gradient doughnut chart, multi-level doughnut chart, percentage doughnut chart, doughnut chart with handle, etc.

Pie Chart Symbols

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3. Bar Chart Symbols

Includes plenty of bar chart shapes such as simple bar chart, gradient bar chart, 3D bar chart, cylinder bar chart, stacked bar chart, 3D stacked bar chart, 100% stacked bar chart, etc.

Bar Chart Symbols

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4. Line Chart and Area Chart Symbols

You can find a variety of line chart and area chart shapes, including line chart, 100% line chart, step line chart, area chart, step area chart, line chart with marker, etc.

Area Chart Symbols

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5. Scatter Chart and Bubble Chart Symbols

You can find templates for both scatter charts and bubble charts in this library.

Scatter Chart Symbols

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6. Gauges Chart Symbols

Contain both circular and linear gauges charts.

Gauges Chart Symbols

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7. Spider Chart Symbols

Five types of spider (Radar) chart symbols are available for different design purposes.

Spider Chart Symbols

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8. Comparison Chart Symbols

The comparison chart symbol library contains not only the comparison tables, but also the check boxes, progress and priority indicators and many other indicating symbols.

Comparison Chart SymbolsComparison Chart Symbols 3

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