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A simple brainstorming diagram is showing how to become a good teacher. Using this customizable brainstorming diagram template you can easily represent any existing brainstorming diagram.

Be a Good Teacher Brainstorming Examples

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Be a Good Teacher Brainstorming Template

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Brainstorming Diagram Example - Be a Good Teacher

1. Committed to the work
1.1 Focuses on educational needs of the students
1.2 Works with passion
1.3 Keen to uphold the university's values
1.4 Enthusiastic about work and about teaching
2. Fosters critical thinking
2.1 Teaches students how to think, not what to think
2.2 Encourages students to organize, analyze and evaluate
2.3 Explores with probing questions
2.4 Discusses ideas in an organized way
2.5 Helps students to focus on key issues
2.6 Trains students in strategic thinking
3. Encourages and appreciates diversity
3.1 Nurtures and encourages diversity
3.2 Seeks and encourages understanding of, and respect for people of diverse backgrounds.
3.3 Does not stereotype or speak negatively of others
4. Encourages creative work
4.1 Motivates students to create new ideas
4.2 Fosters innovation and new approaches
5. Interacts and communicates respect
5.1 Communicates effectively with others
5.2 Encourages input from others
5.3 Acts with integrity
5.4 Shows a caring attitude
5.5 Listening deeply and giving credit for there contributions
5.6 Provides a model of high ethical standards
6. Motivates students and co-workers
6.1 Encourages students to achieve their goals
6.2 Provides constructive feedback
6.3 Monitors progress of students and fosters their success
7. Demonstrates leadership in teaching
7.1 Contributes to course design and structure
7.2 Contributes to publications on education
7.3 Evidence of self-development in an educational context
7.4 Demonstrates creativity in teaching strategies
7.5 Committed to professional development in education
8. Brings a wide range of skills and talents to teaching
8.1 Teaching is clearly presented and stimulates high-order thinking skills
8.2 Presents difficult concepts comprehensibly
8.3 Brings appropriate evidence to the critique
8.4 Teaches memorably
9. Encourages an open and trusting learning environment
9.1 Creates a climate of trust
9.2 Encourages students to learn from mistakes
9.3 Help students redefine failure as a learning experience
9.4 Encourages student questions and engagement in the learning process
9.5 Encourage student growth with appropriate behavior-based feedback
10. Emphasizes teamwork
10.1 Builds links at national and international levels in education
10.2 Encourages students to work in teams
10.3 Encourages collaborative learning
11. Seeks continually to improve teaching skills
11.1 Seeks to learn and incorporate new skills, and information teaching
11.2 Seeks feedback and criticism
11.3 Keeps up to date in specialty
12. Provides positive feedback.
12.1 Listens to students and discovers their educational needs
12.2 Values students, never belittles
12.3 Provides constructive feedback
12.4 Helps and supports people to grow
12.5 Teaches students how to monitor their own progress.

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