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Why EdrawMax to Design Your Bathroom Floor Plan?

Expert tool to satisfy your needs

The expert solution: EdrawMax is the expert solution for every design need, from simple floor plan, to complex building plan. With this all-in-one tool, you can make bathroom floor plan with ease.

3500+ built-in templates: EdrawMax hosts a wide array of in-built templates for you to choose from, and each template is 100% customizable.

Massive collection of professional symbols: It does not matter if you are a beginner. The in-built symbols within the 'Symbol Library' would help you acquire a professional touch to your plan. These vector-enabled symbols can be reshaped, resized, and recolored.

for every need

Intuitive interface and 100% customizable

Intuitive interface: From starting a blank canvas, adding every detail in the plan to sharing it in different mediums, EdrawMax comes with a user interface that suffices every diagramming need. What is more amazing here is that EdrawMax UI looks like an MS suite, making it more user-friendly for non-techies.

Dimensional accuracy: You can now scale up real-life dimensions into your plan with EdrawMax so that you can have a technically accurate diagram for the bathroom.

100% customizable: Except for the intuitive interface, the powerful toolbar can enable you to make every floor plan personalized. You can change fonts, colors, background, and more with few clicks.

create with EdrawMax

Seamless collaboration

Seamless team collaborations: The Cloud-based operations provides for seamless team collaboration, no matter where your team is located, you can check your team files. As for the individual, you can have 100M free Cloud storage.

Robust software: No matter whichever system or device you are using, use EdrawMax software in any of them, such as Windows, Linux, iOS, websites and different smartphone devices.

Dropbox integration: You can now store, share your bathroom floor plans, and collaborate better with Dropbox and Google Drive integration in EdrawMax.


Export, share, and present

Share your plans: EdrawMax supports to export files in various formats, like MS office, Visio, PDF, Graphics, and more. Also, you can share your work on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and print it out.

Present in one-click: The presentation mode of the EdrawMax allows you to present the bathroom floor plan in just one click.

Present in one-click: You can publish your floor plan to the template community and share inspirations with other 25 million users.


More Features of Bathroom Layout Tool

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

I genuinely love EdrawMax for its unique templates and easy-to-use interface. I used EdrawMax for one of my client's floor plan projects. There are a lot of predefined floor plan templates for the user to customize as per the requirement. EdrawMax not only proved to be the finest floor plan creator currently available in the market, but it also proved to be one of the most amazing tools to create process flows and org charts for general use.

We started using EdrawMax for personal usage where my husband and I decided to create our own floor plan. While looking online, we got to know about EdrawMax and its floor plan templates. This software proved to be functional, collaborative, and easy to navigate. EdrawMax is simple to learn and use as a floor plan creator. It is among that digital software that has lots of collaborative and cloud capabilities. Even with little experience, we were able to create a perfect floor plan for our new apartment. Overall, EdrawMax is a great tool, and once you master it, it will up your game. I personally recommend that everyone check it out!

EdrawMax is a fantastic tool that anyone can use to create layouts of almost anything. Be it flow charts or mind maps, or even floor plans for your new building. It won't be wrong to say that EdrawMax is the best floor plan creator in the market. As an architect, I love the ease of creating floor plans and making them seamlessly accessible. Floor plan creation is made simple, and it gives you great direction. There are also several opportunities to build any other kinds of visuals and share them.

How to Create a Bathroom Floor Plan?

Edraw Bathroom Floor Plan Templates

Simple Bathroom Design
Simple Bathroom Design
Here is a simple bathroom design to inspire your revovation, from which you can check the overall layout of the bathroom.
Bathroom Floor Plan
Bathroom Floor Plan
A bathroom floor plan template depicts the layout of a bathroom, including the sink, toilet, and more.
Bathroom Floor Plan with Dimensions
Bathroom Floor Plan with Dimensions
This bathroom floor plan sample shows the two kind of bathrooms that can be customized as per your requirements.
Bathroom Layout
Bathroom Layout
A bathroom layout shows the design and arrangement of creating a bathroom floor plan with dimensions.
Bathroom Layouts
Bathroom Layouts
Here 4 different types of bathroom layouts, which graphically illustrate the different structure of bathroom layouts.
Bathroom Design Example
Bathroom Design Example
The bathroom design example shows the overall layout of the bathroom, and its placement for the items, like sink, toilet, and more.

Bathroom Floor Plan FAQs

There are three different floor plans to explore-traditional, contemporary, and custom floor plans. With EdrawMax, you can make all types of floor plans that suit your requirement.
EdrawMax is free online diagramming software. It comes with free templates and a symbol library -- so making a bathroom plan will not cost you a thing but only your creativity.
To set up the dimensions of the bathroom, use the scale tool from the Dimensioning section of the toolbar. Select a dimension line and use drag and drop functionality to apply it. To determine the scale of the drawing, select Drawing Scale from the Floor plan icon and enter your measurements. Learn more from this floor plan guide.
Our diagram-making software EdrawMax has a massive template community where new templates are uploaded, and knowledge on templates is shared regularly. You can use the templates from the community instantly, anywhere, and anytime. Or you can find more bathroom floor plan templates here.
The bathroom floor plan maker of EdrawMax supports importing and exporting files into multiple formats. It supports inserting local images into the diagram.

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