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What flowchart symbols are used in accounting systems? The accounting flowcharts contains 16 symbols for drawing accounting flowcharts.

If you are preparing an accounting flowchart and have not enough time to learn all flowchart symbols, you can read the following article to learn the most used flowchart symbols. It is necessary to use the ISO flowchart symbols to begin your flowchart, because others can understand more accurately and comprehensively by using a set of common, uniform flowchart symbols.

1. Accounting Flowchart Symbols

The accounting flowcharts contains 16 symbols for drawing accounting flowcharts.

accounting flowchart symbols

2. Meaning of Flowchart Shapes

Process - Represents a process or step in the flowchart.

Process Shape

Decision - Indicates a point where the outcome of a decision dictates the next step. There can be multiple outcomes, but often there are just two - yes and no.

Decision with multiple conditions

Decision represents the choice made by the user from mutually exclusive options, e.g., a student choose among different lesson plans.

Terminal points - Indicates the starting and ending points of a process.

start shapes

terminator shape

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Data Shape - Indicates that information is coming into the process from outside, or leaving the process.

storedd data shape

Delay shape - Represents a waiting period where no activity is done. In Process Mapping, delays are often important as they may result in adding to the cost of the product or simply delaying its production.

delay shape

Input/action symbol - Represents a user response that directs the course flow from that point onwards, i.e., an online test or questionnaire form.

manual input shape

Off-page reference - Use a set of hyperlinks between two pages of a flowchart or between a sub-process shape and a separate flowchart page that shows the steps in that sub-process.

Off-page reference shape

Document- Represents a step that results in a document.

Document shape

3. Used in The Accounting Flowchart

  • Onpage Connector (transfer of customer order to the credit dept)
  • Offpage Connector (mailing of sales invoice to customer)
  • Annotation (used to describe or note an activity)
  • Punched Card (method of computer input)
  • Magnetic Tape (method of computer input)
  • Punched Tape (method of computer input)
  • Manual Input (keyboard entry of data)
  • Magnetic Disk (method of computer storage)

4. Learn From Accounting Flowchart Examples

A simple account flowchart is a graphical representation of the flow of data in an organization. The following flowchart describes the flow of transactions process in a specific area of the accounting and financial department.

If you want to use this template, you can click to download them. While The eddx file need to be opened in EdrawMax. If you don’t have EdrawMax yet, you could download EdrawMax for free!

accounting flowchart

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How to Design a Flowchart

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