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Posted by Allison Lynch | 02/18/2022
How to make a document management procedure flowchart? Look at the following tips and examples, from which you might get a clue.

Every company must have a standardized procedure for issuing and managing documents. In order to let every individual of the company know the clear process on how to issue a document and where to get a certain document, the following flowcharts are presented. They can be downloaded and used as templates for making your own document management procedure flowchart.

How to Draw Document Management Procedure Flowchart?

1. Before drawing, make these things clear:

  1. Identify which functional department is responsible for drafting documents.
  2. Make it clear who has the authority to sign and approve the documents.
  3. Know where the documents will be archived.
  4. Know what to do if the document needs to get obsoleted.

2. It's essential to draft your flowchart on a paper before designing with software.

3. Find a flowchart drawing program if you don't have one.

It's better to use a professionalflowchartsoftwareinsteadofusingwordorexcel,becauseflowchartsoftwarealreadycontainswhatyouneedfordrawingflowchart,andit's more easy and straightforward to use.

4. Start to draw the flowchart.

Document Management Procedure Flowchart Example - Swimlane Style

Document Management Flowchart

Document Management Procedure Flowchart Example - Standard Style

Document Control Process Flowchart

Document Management Principles

  1. The documents have to be formally managed with relation to content, naming, numbering, and authorization.
  2. The procedure flowchart is developed to ensure that the co-workers, employees and persons in charge have complete, correct and consistent information and instruction.
  3. Documents should be numbered orderly so that others could easily find.
  4. New documents must be passed through the approval procedure before issue.
  5. The draft documents have no significance to work in progress until they are signed and activated.

Document Management Workflow

Document Management Workflow

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