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Why EdrawMax to Design Your Free 2D Floor Plan?

Intuitive user-friendly interface

Massive templates: EdrawMax comes with over 3,500+ built-in templates that help beginners easily create 2D floor plans. Even if you are a professional, you will find inspiration in these floor plan templates from Template Community.

Vector-enabled symbols: EdrawMax hoists over 26,000+ vector-based symbols that let you create highly efficient floor plans as per your requirements.

Professional toolbar: EdrawMax dashboard is pretty similar to MS Office, which provides a friendly feel to the professional-looking toolbar.

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Vector-enabled tool with powerful community

Built-in scale tools: EdrawMax 2D floor plan maker has built-in scale tools for accurate measurements. Any changes made within the plan automatically get streamlined with the entire plan, giving you the appropriate dimensions and proportions of the structure.

Template community: EdrawMax application comes with a large community of over 25 million subscribed users who regularly publish latest templates of different diagram sets.

Vector-enabled system: Since the entire system is vector-enabled, you do not have to worry about the formatting. Choose any resizable vector-based symbol and create your sophisticated and professional 2D floor plans.

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Personal cloud & team collaboration

Personal cloud: The 2D floor plan maker tool comes with a 100M free Cloud storage that autosaves the files and gives access to them anywhere.

Team synchronization: Collaborating with your team was never easier. With EdrawMax, you can easily collaborate with your team and work on the file based on Cloud.

Compatibility for all systems: EdrawMax is highly compatible with any system like Windows, Linux, iOs, and browsers, like Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others.


Effortless presentation, easy utilization

Presentation mode: With EdrawMax, you can present the floor plan, both online and offline, without much effort. The tool comes with a built-in presentation setup that eases your efforts.

Smooth sharing and printing: You can share it on social media with one click. Also, you can easily take a print of the 2D floor plan or can export it in multiple formats, like Graphics, PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and more.

Free trial and effective support: The tool comes with a free trial period that lets you try all the essential features. When you subscribe, you will get support from our customer service team.


More Features Of 2D Floor Plan Creator

Visio files import and export
Customized fonts and shapes
Insert images and attachments
Infinitive canvas
Various color theme
File encryption and file backup

I genuinely love EdrawMax for its unique templates and easy-to-use interface. I used EdrawMax for one of my client’s floor plan projects. There are a lot of predefined floor plan templates for the user to customize as per the requirement. EdrawMax not only proved to be the finest floor plan creator currently available in the market, but it also proved to be one of the most amazing tools to create process flows and org charts for general use.

We started using EdrawMax for personal usage where my husband and I decided to create our own floor plan. While looking online, we got to know about EdrawMax and its floor plan templates. This software proved to be functional, collaborative, and easy to navigate. EdrawMax is simple to learn and use as a floor plan creator. It is among that digital software that has lots of collaborative and cloud capabilities. Even with little experience, we were able to create a perfect floor plan for our new apartment. Overall, EdrawMax is a great tool, and once you master it, it will up your game. I personally recommend that everyone check it out!<

EdrawMax is a fantastic tool that anyone can use to create layouts of almost anything. Be it flow charts or mind maps, or even floor plans for your new building. It won’t be wrong to say that EdrawMax is the best floor plan creator in the market. As an architect, I love the ease of creating floor plans and making them seamlessly accessible. Floor plan creation is made simple, and it gives you great direction. There are also several opportunities to build any other kinds of visuals and share them.

How to Create a 2D Floor Plan?

Edraw 2D Floor Plan Templates

2D Floor Plan
A 2D floor plan gives a clear and simple visual layout of the property and it is an overall starting point for home design.
Simple 2D Floor Plan
EdrawMax is the easiest tool to create simple 2D floor plan, and you can use this 2D floor plan immediately.
2D Floor Plan Free
Here is a free 2D floor plan that you can use immediately, from which you can see the overall layout of this backyard.
2D Office Floor Plan
A 2D office floor plan is a simple way to show the great view of the office layout, and you can create 2D floor plan with EdrawMax easily.
2D Drawing Floor Plan
2D drawing floor plan offers an overview of a house layout, including interior design, furnitures, and more.
2D Floor Plan Design
Design your space easily with this all-in-one quick start 2D floor plan maker, and your 2D floor plan design can be created within minutes.

2D Floor Plan FAQs

A 2D floor plan is an architectural scale drawing that shows, from an aerial view, the positioning of rooms, walls, spaces, and other physical features in a defined area. A 2D floor plan is required during the construction work of a new structure or the renovation work of an existing one.
You will find the Symbol Library icon on the left pane of the EdrawMax window. Click it and go to Floor Plan. There are different built-in floor plan symbols in this section, for example, Wall Shell and structure, Bedroom, Bathroom, Doors and Windows, and others. Or you can find more floor plan symbols here.
Yes, you can easily create the 2D floor plan online by accessing EdrawMax Online. The free 2D floor plan maker comes with a ton of features that let you create the floor plan in no time.
EdrawMax has a community of over 25 million registered users, who are constantly updating the template community. In case you are looking for more templates, head to Template Community and look for the diagram type that you wish to customize. Or you can find some floor plan examples here.
With EdrawMax, sharing and exporting 2D Floor plans has never been easier. Simply share the file on different social media platforms, or copy the URL and attach it to your email's body. You can also save the copy of your 2D floor plan into different formats and share it offline.

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