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2D Floor Plans with Best Free Software

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 08/10/2021

Are you dreaming about building a new home? Or renovating the same one you are living in? For both cases, you need a plan of how your home would look after the renovation. You will need a floor plan for this subject. So, what is a floor plan?

In interior architecture, a floor plan is a drawing that helps us make a plan of how our house would look like? The floor plan tells us about rooms, empty spaces, or other physical things in a particular yard’s house. The floor plan tells us about how we will arrange our rooms, our bathrooms, our TV lounge, and other essential things that have to be in the house.

home plan

The above is a basic example of a floor plan. In a floor plan, there are dimensions measured between the walls which tells us about room sizes and other spaces in the house. A floor plan also includes stairs, doors, sofas, kitchens, furniture, etc.

In general, floor plans are of two types: 2D floor plan and 3D floor plan.

Are Floor Plans 2D or 3D?

A 2D floor plan is the easiest way of designing the home interior. In a 2D floor plan, the house is drawn so that we see it from above, and then the shapes are drawn in the same way.

The 2D floor plan shows us the rooms, free spaces, kitchen, TV lounge, drawing room, and other furniture stuff, but we see it from above. The plan is drawn either by hand or with the help of computer software like CAD.

2d furniture floor plan

3D floor plans are more advanced than the 2D floor plan because they show you the floor plan in three dimensions from above. The 3D floor plan makes it easy to understand the layouts and dimensions of our house, room, walls, and other things because the design looks like an actual figure or house put in front of you.

The 3D floor plan also shows us the same things as furniture, stairs, walls, and rooms, but we see them in three dimensions. The 3D floor plan can also be drawn by hand or with the help of computer software.

3D Floor Plan

The Difference Between 2D and 3D Floor Plan

  • The 2D floor plan shows you the design in x and y dimensions; meanwhile, the 3D floor plan shows you dimensions in x, y, and z. You can simply see your design from different angles in a 3D floor plan compared to a 2D floor plan.
  • 2D floor plans are cheaper to make and can be quickly drawn by hand than 3D floor plans.
  • The 3D floor plan shows you your design in 360-degree, shows you your result in high-quality real-time images, but in 2D floor plans, we just see the design from above.
  • You can see the measurement of each room in a 2D floor plan, but you can’t see any measurement in a 3D floor plan.
  • In a 3D floor plan, you check what furniture or showpiece looks good in what room, but this cannot be done in the 2D floor plan.


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How to Create a 2D Floor Plan?

A 2D floor plan provides you the dimensions, layouts, and measurements of each wall in your home design. You can see your design from above in a 2D floor plan which makes it easy to understand all the measurements of the house. You can also see furniture, pools, lawn, garden, etc., in a 2D floor plan.

Create a 2D Floor Plan

You can create a 2D floor plan in the following way:

  • First, draw the exterior walls of your house. Initially, it can be a rectangle or in a square shape.
  • Check the measurement of each side of the wall.
  • Put doors and windows on the exterior walls.
  • Insert your desired rooms and kitchen inside the exterior walls.
  • Put the doors and walls on the inside rooms and decide where these doors and windows would open.
  • If you want to include the first and second floor, then also include the stairs, check the measurement, and then decide the length and breadth of each room.
  • For the first and second floors, repeat the above first four steps.
  • Draw furniture and other stuff inside the room where they should be.

Want to know more details? Watch the video below ↓

Free 2D Floor Plan Software

Making a 2D floor plan by hand is a time-consuming task, and you need architecture to design it for you. This makes your work time and recourse expensive. At the same time, if you do the same work with the computer, then you don’t need architecture, and you can save your time.

There are many computer softwares and web-based applications available to create your 2D floor plan. We will talk about the most accessible computer software, which is EdrawMax.

EdrawMax is an application to make any diagram, but now we will talk about the floor planning diagram. EdrawMax is the easiest to use. You don’t need any demo for using the software. It is just a matter of drag, drop, and drawing with a scale from your mouse.


Main Features

  • The software is cross-platform, which means you can download it on Windows, Mac, Linux and Web.
  • EdrawMax is entirely free to use.
  • Auto-calculate the area of the space (the symbol) in floor plans.
  • The best thing about EdrawMax is you can download or share your drawings in formats like PDF, Visio, Word, Excel, PPT, PNG, JPG, SVG, and HTML.
  • You can import other 2D plans from Visio files and can draw over them, or you can use the free and editable templates provided by the software and renew them.
  • You simply use your mouse to draw floor plans for your home.
  • EdrawMax provides you the option to copy-paste a floor plan to create the first or second floor.
  • The software provides you a way to print your 2D plan with imperial or metric measurements.
  • You can also see your 2D floor plan from the vertical axis.
  • EdrawMax provides built-in floor plan symbols like doors, windows, furniture to make your drawing easiest to analyze.

2D Floor Plan Examples

2D Floor Plan with Dimensions

2D Floor Plan with Dimensions

You can see in this home 2D plan with dimensions, and this is what a 2D plan looks like. The plan is showing you the length and breadth of everything in the plan. See how furniture is arranged. The doors and walls and their opening. This is a very detailed template. You can quickly analyze the arrangement of every room in the house plan.

2D School Layout

2D School Layout

See the 2d shcool layout plan above. How classrooms are arranged not only classroom but every room is arranged with a measurement. You can make the same plan in EdrawMax, too.

Final Thoughts

So, now you have the best, efficient, and easy-to-use free tool for making your floor plans. EdrawMax simply saves you a lot of time and resources. The software is for anyone from a simple person to an architect. Anyone can design a 2D floor plan for their dream house with efficiency!

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