What is BPMN - Definition, Elements and Purpose

Learn the basic knowledge of BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) along with its elements and purpose.

What exactly is BPMN? What does BPMN consist of? And how do BPMN diagrams work? As a very useful tool to business, it is essential to have a better comprehension of BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation). BPMN is similar to UML, which most people are familiar with, but focuses exclusively on business processes. So this page will extend definition of BPMN, its key elements and what it can do to help running business.

Definition - What is BPMN?

BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) is a graphical method of representing business processes within a business process diagram. A BPMN will provide businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures in a graphical notation and will give organizations the ability to communicate these procedures in a standard manner.

BPMN is conceived and developed by the Business Process Management Institute (BPMI) and maintained by Object Management Group (OMG) since 2005. It is on the fourth iteration and now is Version 2.0. It uses a large set of symbols and notations for Business Process Diagrams to create a more detailed rule for business process modeling.

To be more specific, it visually describes a detailed sequence of business activities and information flows needed to complete a process.

Simple BPMN

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Elements of BPMN

BPMN are diagrams with a set of graphical elements. The four basic categories of elements are:

1. Flow Objects: Events, Activities and Gateways

2. Connecting Objects: The Flow Objects are connected to each other by Connecting Objects. These are the tree different types of connecting objects:

3. Swimlanes: Swimlane is used to orgnize different activities, these are the two different types of swimlanes,

4. Artifacts: Artifacts are the tools to ues to add more information. These are the three different types of artifacts:

Purpose & Benifits of BPMN

The main purpose of BPMN is to improve efficiency, account for new circumstances or gain competitive advantage. BPMN works as an easy-to-understand visual representation of the process of an activity. It can help people who will implement the process to have a more detailed guide. A diagram can be much easier to understand than text would be. Business partners can reach a easier communication and collaboration and heading for the goal of an efficient process and high-quality result.

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