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Using Fishbone Diagrams to Improve Working Efficiency

> Edraw How-To > Using Fishbone Diagrams to Improve Working Efficiency
Posted by Daniel Belisario | 09/16/2021
The fishbone diagram is a cause-and-effect diagram that can be used to identify the potential (or actual) cause(s) for a performance problem. Edraw software provides you appealing and flexible cause and effect diagram shapes to facilitate your drawing of fishbone diagrams.

Edraw fishbone diagram software includes several arrangement tools to help you lay out fishbone diagram shapes neatly and evenly. You might use different tools at different times while you create fishbone diagrams. Some can make small adjustments to shape positions, and some help you rearrange the entire diagrams.

Fishbone Diagrams Permit a Thoughtful Analysis

People by nature often like to get right to determining what to do about a problem, this can help bring out a more thorough exploration of the issues behind the problem - which will lead to a more robust solution. The fishbone diagram helps to visually display the many potential causes for a specific problem or effect. It is particularly useful in a group setting and for situations in which little quantitative data is available for analysis.

fishbone template

The fishbone diagram illustrates each and every possible cause and also the associations and relationships among the potential causes and effects in an easily comprehendible way; this makes it a great tool for making a thoughtful analysis to some specific problem.

Fishbone Diagram Helps Attack Complex Problems

Problems arise on many projects. A proactive project manager should have a set of problem resolution techniques that can be applied in different instances. One technique for analyzing complex problems that appear to have many interrelated causes is called a "cause and effect" diagram / fishbone / Ishikawa diagrams. Fishbone diagram helps to "cut" the complex problem into many small parts and then solve them one by one. Finally, the seemingly complex problem is worked out via the help of Edraw.

Fishbone Diagram Facilitates Brainstorming

The fishbone diagram is a great way to stimulate and structure brainstorming about the causes of the problem because it captures all the causes. Seeing the fishbone diagram may stimulate your team to explore possible solutions to the problems.

fishbone template

Fishbone Diagram Helps Maintain Team Focus

Fishbone diagram helps to focus the group on the "big picture" as to possible causes or factor influencing the problem / need. When team of people are trying to determine the cause of some problem, a fishbone diagram helps the team by providing a convenient and easily understood way of thinking of and listing possible causes of the problem that is being faced.

The team comes up with basic sources of possible problems (like machines, work methods, or measurement) and then brainstorms, trying to think of what aspects of these sources could possibly be causing the problem. Therefore, fishbone diagram is a wonderful tool to help maintain team focus.

team focus

After Finishing Fishbone Diagram

Once you have the fishbone completed, you are well on your way to understanding the root causes of your problem. It would be advisable to have your team prioritize in some manner the key causes identified on the fishbone. If necessary, you may also want to validate these prioritized few causes with a larger audience.

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