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Here is a simple brainstorming diagram example about time management, which is created by Edraw brainstorming software. Users can use it as a template to quickly create your own brainstorming diagrams.

Time Management Brainstorming Diagram Examples

You can create a brainstorming diagram based on this template, which could save you hours of time. Download and modify this brainstorming diagram example for your own use.

Time Management Brainstorming Template

Download Time Management Brainstorming Templates in PDF Format

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Brainstorming Diagram Example - Time Management

Edraw features full compatibility with MS Office. You can export brainstorm diagrams into Word format easily. The Exported data is laid out in an organized way as outline as shown below.

1. First Things First
1.1 How Time Gets Used
1.2 Planning
1.3 Long Term Plans
1.4 Mid Term Plans
2. Working with Other People
2.1 The Right People
2.2 The Need for Clear Instructions
2.3 Change Tasks to Save Time
2.4 Don't Hover
2.5 Motivate Your People
2.6 Meetings
3. Saying No
3.1 Why is it Difficult
3.2 Why We Should
3.3 Just Say No
3.4 What About the Boss
4. Distractions
4.1 The Cost of Interruptions
4.2 Minimizing the Impact
4.3 Fear of Failure
4.4 The Worst Offender
4.5 Managing Interruptions
5. Getting Organized
5.1 Your Workspace
5.2 Effective Communication
5.3 Effective Writing
5.4 Effective Reading
5.5 Email Management
5.6 Telephone Use
5.7 Productivity Tools
6. Combating Time Wasters
6.1 The Greatest Time Waster
6.2 Why Uncomfortable is Good
6.3 When Performance is Inadequate
6.4 Recognizing Reality
6.5 Identifying Opportunities
6.6 Handling Personal Interruptions
7. Personal Action Plan
7.1 The Future
7.2 Personal Development
7.3 Developing Your Plan
8. Time Flies
8.1 Where Time Goes
8.2 Working Hours
8.3 Keeping a Time Log
8.4 Analyzing your Time
8.5 How We Work

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