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Symbols for Floor Plan - Athletic Field

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Posted by Janice | 01/28/2021
Contains ready-made athletic field plans for school or stadium layout design, such as the basketball court, football field and sports ground.

Vector Athletic Field Plans

If you need to design a stadium plan or school plan which contains the sports ground, it's better to use these ready-made athletic field plans, as they will save you plenty of time. Edraw is a powerful vector drawing software which not only contains pre-made floor plan elements, but also has the abilities to draw any custom graphic on your own.

1. Basketball Court

Basketball Court

2. Football Field

Football Field

3. Sports Ground

Sports Ground

4. Play Ground

Play Ground

More Built-in Symbols for Floor Plan

Thousands of floor plan symbols are included in Edraw to help users make professional floor plans effortlessly. Here is the symbol category:

  1. Dimensioning

  2. Wall, Shell and Structure

  3. Building Core

  4. Bedroom

  5. Bathroom

  6. Kitchen and Dining Room

  7. Sofas

  8. Tables and Chairs

  9. Cabinets and Bookcases

  1. Appliances

  2. Carpet

  3. Electrical and Telecom

  4. Plants

  5. Garden

  6. Alarm and Access Control

  7. Video Surveillance

  8. Initiation and Annunciation

  9. Plumbing

  1. Lighting

  2. Office Equipment

  3. Office Furniture

  4. Elevations

  5. Kitchen Elevation

  6. Wardrobe

  7. Fire and Emergency

  8. HVAC

  9. Athletic Ground

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Sofa Symbols for Floor Plan

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Cabinet and Bookcase

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