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A well-crafted and effective self-introduction is a vital part of making a good first impression. Mind mapping is a unique way to make self-introduction, with better effect in an easier way.

Tips and Tricks to Give a Great Self-introduction

Here are 8 tips. Some are essential. The remaining tips will elevate your speech from "basic" to interesting to listen to.

1. First and foremost, start with a smile on your face. Smile can always offer a good first impression.

2. Secondly, stating your name clearly.

3. Place - Your hometown, the organization you work for, the position you currently hold.

4. Background - what can you share that is related to the group's core purpose for meeting? What skills make you qualified for the job? Is it an event, experience, a particular skill or educational qualification?

5. Interest, passion or goal - what particularly interests you? What motivates you? What is the goal you want to achieve by joining this group?

6. Personal details - hobbies, strengths and weaknesses.

7. Unity - what do you share in common with members in the group?

8. Consider to do it visually when there is a computer and a projector. Include some photos and pictures. For, example, apply a mind map to list your main points logically.

9. Last but not least, conclude by extending THANKS to the Person who is listening to you.

Use Mind Map to Give an Impressive Self-introduction

Every time you are asked to introduce yourself, you may feel bored since you have done it countless times. But you cannot avoid it and must find methods to do it well for greater success.

Using mindmapcanhelpyoucatchyouraudience' attention and amaze them so as to realize the ultimate goal - let others know, remember and even look up to you. Here is a great mind map for self-introduction.

Self-introduction Mind Map

Identify the Main Topics of Mind Map

The first step is to decide what aspects should be included in your self-introduction. If you are going to have a lecture, your education background and teaching experience should be mentioned. If you are just trying to make more friends in a club, you should contain more of your hobbies so that others can find what you have in common.

Add Contents in the Sub Topic Shapes

After identifying all necessary perspectives, add contents to them. These topics can also be divided into different categories if necessary. Just double click to insert text.

Embellish Your Mind Map

Some embellishments can make your personal profile personalized and attractive. In the center Main Idea shape, you can insert one of your beautiful photos. When talking about your education backgrounds, showing your certificates will be more persuasive. In-built are many kinds of clip art which can be added to visualize your map. By applying preset mind map themes, you can change the whole mind map's style with only two clicks.

Check Spelling

Do not overlook this step. Several spelling mistakes may make your boss consider you as careless person, which may lead to no chance of promotion. So, why not do this simple thing to save you from failure. Just press F7 on the keyboard and the spelling check dialogue box will show.

Spelling Check

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