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Edraw Mind Map is an excellent freeware for life management because it can help you to clearly define your values, life goals and the strategies and step-by-step plans to achieve them.

Many people spend more time planning a party than planning their life. Why? Because it's hard work! If you have been putting off planning your life's future direction and scope, why not try utilizing mind map software to bring clarity to this process.

A life planner example, showing the effective diagram presentation of decision making.

Life Planner - Mind Map

It's easy to define your main goal as the central topic of your map then add your primary values to your map as main topics. One topic represents each of the major life roles or domains in your life such as Family, personal, Friendship, household, health, finance, etc.

You can attach numerical rankings to the action steps in your plans, making it easy to see what you need to do first, next, and so forth.

Edraw Mind map software also enables users to attach symbols to topics, which show you what percentage of completion you have achieved for each action item in your plans.

Click here to free download Mind Map Freeware and view the examples. Then you can use the built-in templates to create and present your decision making in minutes.

Fire up your creativity with the help of future plan mind map and get an in-depth knowledge of multiple subjects, including career plan, study plan, wedding plan, time plan and health plan.

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