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Oreo opinion writing model is a good way to help improve students' writing skills. Download the printable and editable Oreo graphic organizer template for free.

OREO Writing Model

The OREO format will help students write a focused and clear paragraph for most types of short answer prompts. With this pattern, you introduce the topic and state the opinion, supply a reason for the opinion, provide example to support the reason, and give a conclusion.

  1. O - Opinion: Write a topic sentence to introduce your topic and state your opinion.
  2. R - Reason: Supply reasons to strengthen your topic and make it more persuasive.
  3. E - Example: Introduce an example to support the reason to make it solid.
  4. O - Opinion: Restate your opinion to conclude the paragraph.

OREO Writing Graphic Organizer Template

Click the image below you can download this oreo graphic organizer template. It has two formats available, PDF and EDDX. If you need to modify the template, download the EDDX format, and use Edraw to edit.

Oreo Writing Graphic Organizer

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