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How to Create a MS Visio Computer Network Diagram

> Edraw How-To > How to Create a MS Visio Computer Network Diagram
Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/07/2021
This guide extends steps to create a computer network diagram while showing you the templates and libraries of symbols that you might need and introduces a visio alternative so that you can create Visio Network Diagram for FREE!

A computer network diagram is the arrangement of the various elements of a computer network. It is a map of the structure of a computer network with different symbols and connectors. This way of showing the layout of a network makes it easier to understand how every device connects with each other.

Computer Network Diagram

Are you looking for a budget alternative to Visio network diagrams and examples? Try Edraw Max. Edraw has a massive capability of providing all kinds of professional network diagram templates, symbols, and shapes. In addition, all diagrams can be converted to MS Visio with ease. Significantly, it's free!

Create a Computer Network Diagram

First of all, download Edraw Network Diagram Software and install it. No matter what operating system of your device, you can find the corresponsive version.


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A computer network diagram may include dozens of symbols to represent servers, hubs and routers, etc. The network diagrams libraries provide all kinds of symbols needed.

3D Network Diagram Shapes

3D Network Diagram Shapes

Servers Library

Servers Library

Computers and Monitors

Computers and Monitors Library

Other Libraries for Network Diagrams

Other Libraries for Network Diagram

With a large amount of symbols, you can create all kinds of network diagrams you need, whether it is for a personal computer or for an entire company network. Place all symbols of devices you need on the diagram such as computers and servers. Then add other important components, too. Use connectors with the help of directional arrows to mark out how the computer network is connected.

Export the Computer Network Diagram to MS Visio

Once you have completed the designing of the computer network diagram, you can convert it to MS Visio. Then you will have a MS Visio computer network diagram.

Follow the lead of the red arrows, you will have your computer network diagram successfully exported to MS Visio.

Export Computer Network Diagram to Visio

Video Tutorial: How to Create a Network Diagram

Watch this video to quickly create a Visio network diagram!

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