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Get an insight of the purpose of a mind map and make it a more effective tool to serve your life and work!

Mind Map - Effective Way to Map Your Mind

What is Mind Map?

You may want to know the definition of mind map. A mind map provides a graphical way to represent a certain idea or concept. It is a visual tool to help structure information, to help you better analyze, and generate new ideas. Information in a mind map is structured in a way that reflects how the brain actually works. So how does a mind map look like? A perfect example is shown above. 

Also, you can use the excellent mind mapping software named EdrawMind to create and edit mind map. 


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What is the Purpose of a Mind Map

The purpose of mind mapping can help you think in a more critical way and improve your problem-solving ability at the same time. A mind map is a valuable tool for team collaboration in a business group. Here are just a few illustration of the purposes of a mind map. The actual possibilities of the uses of mind map is unlimited.

  1. Brainstorming

    A mind map is a powerful tool for brainstorming. It help us focusing on the topic, coming up with new thoughts and connecting these thoughts together. Whether for individuals or teams, it provides us with creative thinking.

    Brainstorming for Marketing Plan

  2. Problem Solving

    If you are confused by a problem, a mind maps can help you see all the relative issues and how they relate to each other. It can help you quickly get a general idea of how the whole situation and enable you to see all aspects of this situation then come up with a solution.

    Mind Map for Problem Solving

  3. Decision Making

    While making a decision, you need to compare all the factors related, a mind map can be a helpful tool on that. Listing various factors, pros and cons of each side can help you think more effectively and lead to an informed decision.

    Mind Map for Decision Making

  4. Notes Taking

    Students or business professionals can use mind maps to write down the information of a lecture, presentation or business meeting. When receiving information,mind maps can help organize it in a logical way which make it easy to understand and follow. A mind map is an effective way to take notes.

    Mind Map for Notes Taking

  5. Presentations

    Mind maps is a great helper during presentation. Using mind map is a more interesting way to present an idea or concept. On one hand, mind map can help organize the ideas coherently, on the other hand, the visual feature of mind map makes it easier to capture the audiences attention.

  6. Project Management

    Mind map can help planning a project. Arrange large categories of enormous information with mind map can greatly improve productivity. In addition, when creating a mind map with Edraw, you can easily convert it into a Gantt chart with a single click.

    Mind Map for Project Management

  7. Accelerate Studying

    Mind Map will help you accelerate your study ability by improving and enhancing your retention with the combination of photography and information.

    Mind Map for Study

How to Create a Mind Map on Edraw?

Create Mind Map

Various free templates in EdrawMind helps create mind maps within a few minutes using massive built-in symbols. Go to "Available Templates" - "Mind Map", double click to start a new drawing page for your own mind map. Click here to see steps to draw a mind map with EdrawMind in detail.

Benefits of Mind Maps

  1. It helps to brainstorm and explore new ideas, concepts, or problems
  2. It gives a better understanding of connections between ideas and concepts
  3. It makes it easier to communicate thought processes
  4. It brings greater visibility to the audiences
  5. It makes it easier to organize ideas and concepts

Mind Map Examples - Free Download and Customize

Believe that you know what is the purpose of a mind map. The following are mind map examples created using EdrawMind pre-made symbols. They are all available for free download. Have a try and get started right now!

Mind Map for SWOT Analysis BPMN Template for Book Selling BPMN Template for Leave Request
Mind Map for SWOT Analysis Mind Map for Internet Marketing Mind Map for Wedding Plan
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