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A great project management mind map enables you to have a better control of the project you are running. With all the goals, procedures and deadlines laid out in a mind map, you can easily carry out the steps of your project without missing anything out. The mind map reflects as a visual outline of your thought process.

A project management mind map is the visual plan of your thoughts. By creating a mind map, you can follow the lead of the map and connect each element of the project together. It not only enables you to gather, analyze and manage your goals, but also shows you the way to achieve them. Following the lead of the mind map can both increase productivity and ensure the accuracy.

Edraw provides a large amount of mind map themes and templates to coordinate with your demand. It is a powerful tool to manage your projects. Here are the steps to create your own project managing mind map with Edraw.

How to Create a Mind Map for Project Management

The structure of a mind map could be quite simple. You can easily create one by following the several steps below:

1. You can use the mind map to list your goals or objectives of your project. Choose the main idea of the project that your team is running then click on the box shape and drop it in the middle of your canvas. You can modify the size, color as well as the position of the shape.

Project Management Mind Map

2. Create branches that represent each step by clicking on the icon of the main idea box shape. And from the main branches you can also create secondary and tertiary branches if necessary. For example, you can create a branch that concisely defines the roles and responsibilities of each group. Make sure you have everything covered. The map shown below consists of 6 branches:

Project Management Mind Map Example

  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Team Members
  3. Budget
  4. Procedures
  5. Planned Timeline
  6. Final Conclusion

Project management mind map gives the team a clear image of all the information so that they can carry out precisely each step. This is the first step to ensure the success of the project. Using mind maps to create detailed procedures can help every member revolved see the big picture and all the details they should pay attention to. If needed, the mind map can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

Tips for Creating Project Management Mind Map

Here are some tips that might be helpful when you use Edraw to create a mind map for project management.

1. Draft first, organize later

When you first start creating a project management mind map, you may have tons of ideas that you want to put in. So do not worry about the structure or mind map shapes, just put all the information you think you might need into the map, then later you can change the colors, shapes, move the items around, and restructure your map. Because at the beginning, you priority is to make sure your project mind map is as detailed as possible.

2. Use templates to save your time

If you want to create a project management mind map in the most efficient way, you might consider using mindmaptemplates,oryoucancreateoneyourselfandsaveitasatemplateforthenexttime.Thiswillmassivelysaveyourteam's valuable time.

Various Mind Map Templates

3. Know when to display or hide the content

Edraw mind maps allow you to hide or display the branches of your map. That is to say, you can filter some of the branches so that the elements you need are displayed and the others are hidden. This technique can avoid confusing your team members and emphasis on the points you should focus on at the time being. The exact way to do this is shown in the following picture. Learning this skill will be extremely helpful.

Project Management Mindmap Hide

Project Management Mindmap Display

Mind map is a very powerful and flexible tool to manage your projects, arrange your daily work schedule, and make motivation strategies. Edraw mind map maker can help you create your mind maps quickly with pre-made project map templates, reducing the time required. In addition, all Edraw map files can be exported to Word, Excel, PPT or PDF.

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