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This article will show you how Mind Map will help you accelerate your study ability by improving and enhancing your retention with the combination of photography and information.

We often find ourselves becoming easily overwhelmed while remembering and managing large amounts of information in a traditional linear way as it puts a lot of pressure on our brains. As a result, remembering key concepts and pieces of information has been a great challenge for us. Then how would you feel? Upset? Angry? Disappointed? All of that will change if you learn how to mind map while studying. As an effective tool to study, mind map has been utilized throughout the academic sector in a variety of ways to manage and understand processes and large fragments of information.

What is Mind Map?

Mind map is a diagram that branches out from its central topic into related concepts and ideas, showing the relationships between them. It can improve memory and recall of informations, and has been used to structure, classify, visualize, and generate ideas for organization, problem solving, decision making and studying.

Why do Mind Maps Work so Well as a Study Tool?

Do you ever struggle to find answers to the questions by flipping through your books wildly? It’s very easy for us to get lost within chunks of information while learning for the lack of global perspectives. Here mind map might actually be the solution you have been searching for.

By summarizing the most important information and creating links and associations to related concepts and ideas, this study tool will engage you in whole brain thinking and allow you to see how all the different ideas are connected to one another from a global perspective. Your eyes are able to glide smoothly from one piece of information to another, accelerating your speed of learning and recall of information during examinations. At the same time, it encourages the usage of colors and pictures, making your studying process more vivid. With its organic nature, it can think, remember and recall information just as our brains do. On the other hand, your methods and strategies of managing large fragments of information will be improved dramatically during the process of designing your own study mind map. As a conclusion, it makes learning more effective and entertaining.

In general, mind maps will help accelerate study in the following aspects:

  • Provides a global perspecitve.
  • Makes studying process more vivid.
  • Presents a quick overview.
  • Improves photographic memory.
  • Help build creative and critical thinking.
  • Improves concentration.

How to Create Study Mind Map?

You effectively have 2 ways. You can draw them out either on paper with pens or on computer by using mind map software. Below is the mind map about this article, allowing you to make full sense of the topic. On the other hand, simply spending a few moments overviewing this map will present you with a thorough global perspective of the entire subject matter.

use mind map as study tool

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