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How to Make a Mind Map in PowerPoint

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 09/09/2021

It becomes a headache when you take notes of what the teacher is teaching you, especially when the teacher or presentation-giver delivers the lecture too fast. You probably copy every sentence of the deliverer, and because of it, you sometimes miss the primary concepts.

So, the best idea is to take concepts and note them in the form of pictorial representation. The mind map takes the lead from here. The mind map allows you to write the information in the shape of pictures, lines, and links. You draw what the deliverer is delivering and then link them according to their relation. In this way, you create the hierarchy of the concepts. It helps you to understand and memorize quickly and saves your time.

Part 1: Steps to Make a Mind Map Using Microsoft PowerPoint

  • The General Process of Mind Mapping: The general process to create a mind map is to find the concept that is making you draw the mind map. Then you add some links to that central concept and then add more points and connect them with the links according to their relation.
  • History: The first person who took the help of the mind map to visualize his concepts was Porphyry of Tyros. He used mind map to visualize the philosophy or ideas of Aristotle in the 3rd century. Usually, the mind map is associated with the well-known psychologist Tony Buzan. He elaborated mind map more in his books.

This section will teach you how to create a mind map using Microsoft PowerPoint in a few steps.

  1. First, open a new slide. And then go for the designs. The design like below would be the best choice to visualize your concepts.
  2. 3 Steps to Make a Mind Map Using Microsoft PowerPoint

  3. Select Insert > SmartArt on the powerpoint's ribbon. With SmartArt, you would add the branches on your mind map as the mind map represents the concepts in the hierarchical order. I will go for the horizontal hierarchy, but you can select your choice. Then press the OK.
  4. 3 Steps to Make a Mind Map Using Microsoft PowerPoint

  5. Now, it is time to add branches and more topics to your project. Add your ideas to this template.
  6. 3 Steps to Make a Mind Map Using Microsoft PowerPoint


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Part 2: Create Mind Map Slides Easily

Step 1: Open EdrawMind

Download and install EdrawMind on your PC or use EdrawMind Online instead. Select one of the ready-made templates in EdrawMind and open it in the workspace.

open EdrawMind

Step 2: Customize and Export the Mind Map

You can add images, change the colors and insert marks to change the style and content of the mind map template. Click the [Export] button on the customize quick access toolbar and save your mind map as a PowerPoint file, which can be opened and edited in MS PowerPoint 2013 or later version.

export the mind map to Powerpoint

Step 3: Create Mind Map Slides Directly

Actually, EdrawMind supports users to create slides based on their mind maps automatically. Navigate to the [Slideshow] tab and click [Auto Create]. Here you will get entire mind map slides in EdrawMind. What's more, you can present the slides to your audience directly with the inbuilt Presentation Mode. After that, you can save the slides in PPTX or PDF format. See, making mind map slides is much easier with EdrawMind!

make the mind map slides

Part 3: More Mind Map Templates for PowerPoint

The following PowerPoint Mind Map templates are created in EdrawMind. Click the icons to download and edit them for free. Just enjoy creating professional-quality mind maps with these free templates!

Part 4: Mind Mapping Made Quick and Easy in EdrawMind

Importance of Mind Mapping for Presentations

  • Makes things straightforward: If you are making a presentation trying to deliver your point in the best way, then a mind map will help you on your journey. Instead of writing a whole paragraph in a pretty soft slide, you can present it in a mind map. The mind map will help you present your points with the help of phrases, pictures, etc. It will make listeners pick the points quickly.
  • The hierarchy: In a mind map, there are crispy concepts in a hierarchical order rather than a whole essay. People will understand it by searching the related associations of the concepts.
  • Adds up the creativity: The mind map will add up creativity to your presentation because the listeners will get the whole layout in a short form in the shape of pictures, boxes, colors, etc. It is time-saving for both the listener and for the presentation maker who spends hours making the slides.
  • The great teaching tool: The mind map can develop a good understanding between the students and the teachers. If teachers make lecture slides in mind map form, then the students will quickly pick their point. So, mind mapping is the best learning or teaching tool.

In short, mind maps are the best tool to present your point creatively and straightforwardly.

You can use EdrawMind to make any types of mind maps. It is the best-known free mind mapping software for this purpose. The software contains dozens of features that will spice up your points, like read-made templates, intuitive UI and one-click mind map generation. EdrawMind also provides you automatic layout styles. You can also self-analyze with the help of EdrawMind.

The software also contains advanced presentation modes and many other features. EdrawMind is for everyone for personal use, small business, medium business, etc. The best thing about the application is that it is both desktop and web-based, so it depends on you to download. You can also integrate EdrawMind with Microsoft tools.


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