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Comparison between Mind Map and Spidergrams

> Edraw Knowledge > Comparison between Mind Map and Spidergrams
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/07/2021
A comparison between mind map and spidergram that helps you understand them better with examples which are free and downloadable.

Introduction to Vector Clipart Pictures

Both mind maps and spidergrams are useful in ideas clarification. If you move from the usual structure of hand written notes and start organizing your thoughts using mind maps and spidergrams, then you will make a big leap forward in improving the quality of your thinking.

Definitions of Mind Map and Spidergrams

Mind Map - a mind map is a graphical representation of ideas or topics in a radial, non-linear manner. Mind maps are used to visualize, organize, and classify ideas, making them perfect for study aids, organizing information, problem solving, writing and making decisions. From your daily schedule to your life purpose, mind map can be a great helper for you.

Here is an example of mind map drawn by Edraw.

Self Analysis Mind Map

You can also make a mind map similar to this one in less than 10 minutes. Download mind map maker to try it.

Spidergram - a drawing that shows a summary of facts or ideas, with the main subject in a central circle and the most important facts on lines drawn out from it.

Here is a sample spidergram (or spider diagram):

spidergram template

Common Points and Differences Between Mind Map and Spidergrams

So it is necessary that a comparison will be made between a Spidergram and Mind Map.

Typically a Spidergram has:

  1. A central image (like a Mind Map)
  2. A hierarchical structure (so does Mind Mapping)
  3. Nodes branching each hierarchical line (Mind Maps have main branches and sub-branches)
  4. A lot of phrases and sentences (Mind Mapping in its purest form will focus on single keywords)

Spidergrams RARELY:

  1. use color
  2. use curved lines (other than round the central topic),
  3. make much use of images added to the diagram,
  4. have just one or two words entries (unlike a Buzan mind map),
  5. use bubbles or boxes around nodes (see bubble diagram).

It is the above factors that distinguish the Mind Map from Spidergrams.

In conclusion, using either tool will improve the quality of your thinking and boost brainstorming but if you want to accelerate beyond the benefits offered by Spidergrams, then Mind Mapping is the next logical step.

More Mind Map Templates

Decrease Stress Mindmap
Personality Mind Map
Mind Map Topics Benefits of Fruits
Benefits of Banana

Download all the above amazing templates to:

  1. Visualize your ideas
  2. Bring your presentation to life
  3. Improve brainstorm
  4. Boost your creativity
  5. Capture your audience's attention
  6. Get your point across
  7. Pitch your ideas convincingly

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