Hierarchical Organization Structure

The hierarchical organizational structure is usually shown as a top-down pyamid system and can be used to illustrate the relationships between the entities in an organization.

The power of the organization is centralized in the top of the pyramid and all the decisions or commands will flow from the top of the organization to the bottoms. However, if someone at the bottom of the organization hopes to make a desicion, he or she needs to ask for approval of the higher authorities and finally the decision will flow back to the original level.

This following picture diaplays the hierarchical organization chart of a manufacturing enterprise. More organizational chart examples can be found in our website and Edraw Orgchating can help you customize them to fit your own purpose.

Hierarchical Organizational Chart

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The hierarchical organizational structure also has its advantages and diadvantages. When the company wants to control all aspects of a few products, such as the designs, quality, production, distribution, publicity and marketing, the hierarchical organizational structure can be of great help. The employees will have clear career paths and have the chances to build up working experience and become senior specialists.

But when there are too many levels of management, the flow of the information and decisions will be slowed down and it may influence the speed of the company to cope with various crises.

More Organizational Chart Examples

The following organizational chart examples include trading enterprise organizational chart, corporation organization structure, retail enterprise organizational chart and manufacturing organizational chart.

trade enterprise orgchart corporation organization structure
Trade Enterprise Organizational Chart Corporation Organization Structure
retail organizational chart manufacturing organizational chart
Retail Organizational Chart Manufacturing Organizational Chart

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