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In Edraw, you can use the Organizational Chart Wizard to import the employee information stored in Excel, CSV, TXT files and generate an organization chart quickly.
Excel to Organizational Chart

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Step 1: Identify the data source

After you launch the Edraw, you can choose the Basic Orgnizational Chart drawing type in the Start Page. Then click the Import button in the Org Chart menu.

date import wizard

Step 2: Map Data to the Organizational Chart

On the next screen of the Organization Chart Wizard, you map the columns from your data source to the columns the wizard expects, as the figure shows.

Then you need to specify the fields which actually define the structure of an organization.

map data to organizational chart

In the Name box, select the field in the data sheet that contains the complete employee name. If your data source provides two or more fields for the name (for example, First Name and Last Name fields), select the field for last name, and then in the First Name box, select the field for first name.

In the Reports to box, select the field in the data sheet that contains the manager name. Click Next to continue.
Step 3: Specify the Information to Display

One of the benefits of a Edraw organization chart is the data behind the drawing. You can import as many additional data fields as you like as custom properties. In the "Add to shape data filed" columns list, check the field to add it to the organization chart as a custom property.

The "Display on shape" fields list lists the fields in the order in which they will be displayed. Check the file to show it in the organizational chart shape.

specify the data display

When you've completed the list, click Finish.

It will instantly create an organizational chart out of the data. Highest ranked employee will be shown on top of the organization chart, supervising various employees from different departments. As shown below, his immediate subordinates further manages other employees and so on.

organizational chart

Step 4:  Customize Organizational Chart

For advance customizations, on Org Chart tab, you will find different groups for setting up the Org Chart's hierarchy and manage org chart layouts.

org chart tools
Under Organization Data group, you can change the whole layout of Organization chart from Display Options including: display picture, display shape fields, change block size, and text colors, etc.

display options

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