FTP Upload and Download Office File

Office Viewer Component allows developers to upload and download Word, Excel and PowerPoint file with FTP.

FTP is more reliable in terms of data corruption. It might be faster (better packet recovery. It is also resumable.

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FTP Upload/Download Methods

boolean FtpConnect(BSTR WebUrl, [in, optional] VARIANT WebUsername, [in, optional] VARIANT WebPassword)

Creates a FTP connect.
boolean FtpDownloadFile(BSTR RemoteFile, BSTR LocalFile)

Downloads a file from remote server then save it to local file with FTP.
RemoteFile: The remote file path which saves to FTP site.
LocalFile: The full file path which downloads to the local disk.

boolean FtpUploadFile(BSTR LocalFile, BSTR RemoteFile, boolean OverWrite)

Uploads a local disk file to remote server with FTP.
LocalFilePath: The full file path needs to upload to the server. It the parameter is NULL, the function will add the file which is opening in the component.
RemoteFile: The remote file path which saves to FTP site.
OverWrite: Overwrites the existed file if the same file exists at the FTP server.
boolean FtpDisConnect()

Closes the FTP Connect.
The following code demos how to download a file to local disk with the FTP mode.

FTP Download Examples

<script language="vbscript">
Sub UploadFileviaFTP()
EDOffice.FtpConnect "ftp.edrawsoft.com", "username", "password"
EDOffice.FtpDownloadFile "ftp.edrawsoft.com/archieve/001.doc", "c:\temp.doc"
End Sub

Http Upload Office Files

Http Open File From Stream

Disables Office 2003 Toolbars

Disable Office Ribbon Button

Show/Hide Office Menu Bar

Free Download Office Viewer Component and View Sample Projects

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