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Get a insight into the advantages and disadvantages of Force Field Analysis, the technique that allows you to evaluate various forces for and against a decision that needs to be made.

Force Field Analysis is a great change management tool that is often used for managing change in the workplace and for achieving successful organizational change management strategies. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Force Field Analysis.

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Even though Force Field Analysis can help people in many ways, it is still a double-edged sword. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using Force Field Analysis as a change management tool:

Advantages of Force Field Analysis

1. On A Force Field Analysis provides a visual summary of various forces for and against a particular change, with all the information that has been collected regarding a potential decision into a single graph.

2. Force Field Analysis help us identify obstacles that lie ahead so that we can make a plan to strengthen the forces supporting the decision and take actions to reduce or avoid the forces preventing it.

3. A Force Field Analysis Diagram can be used as a visual aid, and it will help simplify communication among the staff and to break down communication barriers.

4. A Force Field Analysis diagram can assist the group to develop a common understanding of the subject, and all the groups members will have a clear concept of the opinions and the options related to the situation.

Disadvantages of Force Field Analysis

1. Force field analysis requires every group member to participate so that they can have all the information needed for a better analysis, which can be difficult to achieve.

2. Unlike other methods, when full participation isn't possible, it would be difficult to provide a complete picture of the driving forces and restraining forces.

3. Another potential problem is that Force Field Analysis may have a bad influence on team work. Because a force field analysis may lead to a division in the group between those who support the change and those who are against the change.

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