Flowchart Chart Ideas for Business

Understand flowchart ideas better with the following examples. You can learn when to use flowchart and how to use flowchart for your business.

Flowchart is about simplifying the logical sequence of a process to make it more understandable. By visualizing the information flow, flowcharts help you communicate and how a process work. The creative flowchart ideas in the article help you improve your business faster.

Presented with some vivid flowchart examples, you can understand the flowchart ideas better. You can use them as templates. All you need to do is as follows:

  1. Click on the picture and then you will be taken to a new page in which you can view the full version and download it.
  2. Click the download button for both editable and PDF formats.

1. Recruitment Process Flowchart

This flowchart idea is something most people need to go through - recruitment. Edraw flowchart software adds some special features to this example. The steps are divided into different swim lanes. Click here for more detailed information about swim lane flowcharts.

Recruitment Management Flowchart

  1. Business groups organization charts show reporting relationship. Have a look the following company structure.

2. Online Order Flowchart

Online Order Flowchart

This flowchart example is about online flowchart. It is characterized by vivid images which can visualize the workflow better. A clear flowchart can help you figure out ways to improve the process. Click to see Order Management Flowchart.

3. ATM System Data Flow Diagram

ATM System Data Flow Diagram

The above example shows the flow of data involved in an ATM system. Just drag-n-drop Edraw's built-in Data Flow symbols to create a simple data flow diagram easily.

4. Complaint BPMN

Complaint BPMN

Edraw is loaded with a full set of Business Process Symbols. Smart shapes with floating action button and interactive interface empower you to create BPMN diagrams at a lightening speed!

5. Document Management Flowchart

Document Mnagement Flowchart

Thinking of the whole process of document management could be a pain. Presented by a flowchart, the whole process looks quite easy.

6. Product Purchasing Flowchart

Product Purchasing Flowchart

As you can see, different types of flowchart shapes are in different colors in the above flowchart example. The documents, actions and decisions are thus differentiated to make the diagram easier to understand.

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