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See how teachers can use flowcharts in classrooms. Flowcharts can boost teaching greatly for its features of visualization and simplicity.

Benefits of Flowcharts in Teaching and Learning

Flowcharts can help improve a number of skills for both teachers and students. Some of these skills included:

  1. Understanding the sequence of a process,
  2. Understanding different stages in a process,
  3. Understanding the relationship between different stages,
  4. Understanding which step may need more attention,
  5. Understanding the ultimate goal, and
  6. Analyzing a problem and seeking out the solution.

Teachers can use flowcharts in classrooms to facilitate lecture delivery in many aspects. This page lists some ways to apply flowcharts to boost teaching.

How to Use Flowcharts to Boost Teaching

  1. Organize a sequence of events or actions in a step-by-step way, leading to its outcome. For example, teachers can use a flowchart to show how to do an experiment step by step.
  2. Simplify complicated ideas by summarizing and paraphrasing with simple words in a flowchart.
  3. Outline and organize a thinking process. When doing reading comprehension practice, teacher can apply a flowchart to visualize the plot development or the author's train of thought. By analyzing how the author reaches a conclusion, flowcharts can boost reading comprehension.
  4. Apply flowchart to make handouts for students so that they can review what they have learnt better.
  5. Design a flowchart worksheet to test whether students have mastered the knowledge taught.
  6. Ask the students to draw flowchart on their own. This way can arouse their curiosity and get them engaged. Learn by doing.
  7. Put forward a problem. Ask the students to show others how to solve the problem with a flowchart.

Listed above are just a few ways. Refer to the following flowchart examples for clearer ideas. Actually, flowcharts can be used in many more aspects. You can use Edraw flowchart software to draw flowcharts easily.

Flowchart Examples

Here are some flowchart templates that teacher can use in classroom. Click the picture to download editable version.

Flowchart Example 1 - Steps to Write an Essay

Flowchart - Steps to Write an Essay

This flowchart displays the structure of 5-paragraph article in an easy to understand way. It helps teacher explain how to organize an essay easily.

User Review:

User Review on Writing Flowchart

Flowchart Example 2 - How to Do an Experiment

Steps to Do an Experiment

This flowchart clearly shows the steps to do an experiment. It helps students know what to do in an instant.

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