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Facility Planning Software

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/21/2022
Edraw facility planning software combines space planning and asset tracking capabilities in one easy-to-use software package.

Facility Planning Software

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By using the Facility Planning software, you can

  1. Create and revise facility plans based on head count, workstation configuration, and other space requirements.
  2. Locate and list assets, such as furniture, equipment, and fixtures.
  3. Graphically view room assignments and quickly update them.
  4. Draw a facilities plan and use the drawing to track information, specifically the spaces, boundaries, people, fixtures, furniture, and equipment.
  5. Offers other drawing types, such as floor plans, site plans, HVAC, security systems, and network diagrams that you can use in conjunction with your facilities plan.
  6. After you create your facilities plan and add information to it, you can easily maintain and revise it by dragging a shape to relocate an asset, or by double-clicking a shape to change facilities information.

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