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Entity Relationship Diagram

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Posted by Daniel Belisario | 11/26/2020
Create entity relationship diagram quickly with ER Diagram software and standard entity relationship symbols.

Entity Relationship Diagram

An entity relationship diagram, also called entity relationship model, is a graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other, typically used in computing in regard to the organization of data within databases or information systems.

Database Diagram

An entity relationship diagram is a specialized graphic that illustrates the relationships between entities in a database. Also Known As: ER Diagram, E-R Diagram, ERD.

ER Diagram Software

ER Diagram software is an excellent communications tool, which can be used to confirm business requirements and provide direction to the architecture and design team as they move forward with physical database design rapidly.

Edraw Max is ideal for building entity relationship diagrams, Chen ERD, Express-G diagram, ORM diagram, Martin ERD and database model diagram. It's affordable and easy for illustrating the entity relationship diagrams by simply drag and drop. Then add a connector among the entity relationship shapes, style and color that you want, An additional arrow style can be attached to the connector to illustrate the relationship between the different entities.
Entity Relationship Diagram Software

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Software Features

  1. Functionality: Automatic functions supported by drag and drop interface and point-and-click editor Reliability: Trusted by users around the world. Over 6 million downloads.
  2. Usability: Is to use with predefined shapes, drag-and-drop interface and ready-made templates and examples.
  3. Efficiency: Can generate an entity relationship diagram in less than 10 minutes. What is more, over 200 types of diagrams are supported.
  4. Maintainability: Offers free technology support and lifelong upgrade chance.
  5. Compatibility: compatible with MS programs.

Symbols of Entity Relationship Diagram

Edraw Max supports five types of entity relationship diagram. The different entity relationship diagram is using the different symbols to represent the relationships between entities in a database for most information management projects. But ER diagrams often use boxes to represent entities. Diamonds are normally used to represent relationships and ovals are used to symbolize attributes.

Entity Relationship Symbols

Entities Symbol: Entity instance-person, place, object, event, concept

Relationships Symbol: Relationship instance-link between entities

entitiy relationship

Symbols of Chen ERD

The following symbols of entity relationship diagram is based on the Chen ERD. Chen ERD uses rectangles to represent entities, and diamonds to represent relationships appropriate for first-class objects. If an entity set participates in a relationship set, they are connected with a line. Attributes are drawn as ovals and are connected with a line to exactly one entity or relationship set.

Chen ERD Symbols

Symbols of Martin ERD

The following Martin ERD symbols is based on the symbols used in the Martin notation to draw object-oriented analysis and design diagrams.

martin erd symbols

Symbols of ORM Diagram

Object Role Modeling is commonly used to describes the database of a model for information and rules analysis, ontological analysis, and data modeling in the field of software engineering: what objects may exist, what object classes they belong to, and what relationships exist between objects.

Symbols for ORM Diagrams

What is the shortcut to create an entity relationship diagram?

Start to Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram

The steps involved in creating an entity relationship diagram are:

Identify the entities.

Determine all significant interactions.

Analyze the nature of the interactions.

Draw the entity relationship diagram.

When you create an entity relationship diagram, one of the first things that you should consider is the entities about which you wish to record information. For example, in a family database, you probably wish to record information about member, house, job, love, contact, etc.

However, in a relational database you record not only details about the entities but also the relationship between them. For example, in the family, members are assigned to house and every member is appointed to be in charge of each love and job.

Entities are the "things" about which you wish to record information in a database. There are relationships between entities which fall into three types: one-one, one-many, many-many. Any many-many relationship must be resolved into two one-many relationships.

Single Entity Relationship

Single Entity Relationship

Binary Entity Relationship

Binary Entity Relationship

Examples of Entity Relationship Diagram

An entity relationship diagram example, showing a simple database for the business order process.

entity relationship diagram

The entity relationship diagram shown in the above image contains six entities - supplier, customer, order, item, product and shipment. There are five kinds of relationship such as supplied by, requested on, used in, included on and sent by. In our example, every entity includes some attributes associated with each entity. In a real-world example, each one of these would likely have many different attributes.


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