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Draw an ER Diagram in 3 Steps

> Basic Diagram Knowledge > Draw an ER Diagram in 3 Steps
Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
How to draw an effective ER diagram? Is there an easy way for beginners to create entity relationship diagrams? This method will help you produce high-quality ER diagrams in minutes.

An ER diagram is a data modeling technique showing how entities or concepts relate to one another. It's a crucial tool for software engineering during the design phase of the development process. ERdiagramusesspecialsymbolstorepresententityclasses,attributesandrelationships.It's much easier to create ER diagrams when you already have these symbols.

Step 1: Add Pre-made ER Diagram Symbols

We have made an effort to cover almost all symbols needed in ER diagram design. You don't have to draw a single shape to complete the diagram.

To get the symbols, simply click Library button on the top left corner under the Ribbon, and navigate ERD and database symbol category.

To use the symbols, first drag from the library and drop on the canvas. Then customize the symbols by means of changing the size, color and line. The shapes are highly editable. It's easy to separate the shapes into parts, and you can take out a component or add new elements to create new symbols.

Use ER Symbols

When connecting symbols, it supports snap and glue feature to make sure the line is glued to the shape.

Snap and Glue

Step 2: Annotate Each Symbol with Appropriate Texts

Double click on the default text to edit your own text.

Add Text

Step 3: Apply a Theme to Make the ER Diagram Visually Pleasing

It's easy to change the whole ER diagram's appearance by changing the active theme. When applying a theme, you can format the colors and effects in an entire diagram with a single click.

Add Theme

View ER Diagram Examples

Here shows some complete ER Diagram Examples created by Edraw. The ER diagrams can be downloaded and edited as starting templates.

Forum Chen ERD Faculty Information Chen ERD Herbal Company ERD
Forum Chen ERD Faculty Information Chen ERD Company ER Diagram

Download Edraw and see how quickly and easily you can draw ER Diagram.

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