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Office Viewer Component allows developers to embed ms MS Project in .net based windows forms application or web page.

The development language can be ASP, HTML, ASP.NET, WPF Project, VB.NET, C#, WPF or JSP. The component supports seamless embedding with MS Project 2000, MS Project 2003 and MS Project 2010.
Edraw Office Viewer Component supports embedding MS project documents in your application by implementing a full featured ActiveX document container. Now you can create, open, edit, view and save MS project documents such as *.mtt in the web page.

Download Office Viewer Component and View Sample Projects

Office Viewer Component Online Demo

Embedding MS Project

Figure 1: Embedding and Viewing MS Project in Web Application.

Create MS Project from Component

component method:

VARIANT_BOOL NewProject([in, optional] VARIANT SummaryInfo, [in, optional] VARIANT Template, [in, optional] VARIANT FileNewDialog, [in, optional] VARIANT FileNewWorkpane);

Description: Creates a new project.

Open MS Project from Component

Component Method:

VARIANT_BOOL OpenProject([in, optional] VARIANT Name, [in, optional] VARIANT ReadOnly, [in, optional] VARIANT Merge, [in, optional] VARIANT TaskInformation, [in, optional] VARIANT Table,
[in, optional] VARIANT Sheet, [in, optional] VARIANT NoAuto, [in, optional] VARIANT UserID, [in, optional] VARIANT DatabasePassWord,
[in, optional] VARIANT FormatID, [in, optional] VARIANT Map, [in, optional] VARIANT openPool, [in, optional] VARIANT Password, [in, optional] VARIANT WriteResPassword,
[in, optional] VARIANT IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended, [in, optional] VARIANT XMLName);

Description: Opens a project or imports data. Support VBA Programming with Embedded Visio Document

You can use Visual Studio, Javascript, VBScript to programmatically control MS Project. You can read some of the MSDN articles about this MS Project SDK topic and try to develop some small sample programs. In the MS Project SDK, you can get some sample programs developed in VB 6.0.

With the Office Viewer Component, it's easy to host MS Project in a custom solution and extend the function by the office automation.

Embedding Visio

Disables MS Word Standard Command

Disable Office Ribbon Button

Show/Hide Office Menu Bar

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