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An Easy Access to Pyramid Diagram

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Edraw MAX empowers you to draw a Pyramid Diagram quickly and easily with prepared libraries which eliminate requirements of drawing experience and skills. Here are detail instructions about this easy access to expressive and impressive Pyramid diagrams.

Pyramid Diagram is applied to present data based on a foundation. Usually, the top of the pyramid represents data which are more desirable than that on the bottom. The proportional and hierarchical relationships can be laid out clearly in it.

Pyramid Shapes

Create Pyramid Diagrams with Predefined Shapes

Edraw pyramid diagram software offers the following vector built-in pyramid shapes for users to get started instantly. Just drag and drop one suitable shape onto the canvas and edit it through the floating action button.
  1. 5 Basic Pyramid shapes
  2. 3 Inverted Pyramid shapes
  3. 4 3D Pyramid shapes
  4. 2 Circle Pyramid shapes
  5. 2 Triangular Pyramid shapes
  6. 1 Gradient Pyramid shapes

Steps to Create Pyramid Diagram

You can create different kinds of Pyramid diagram. In Edraw, these 3 simple steps are all you need to do.

  • Step 1: To make pyramid diagram, drag and drop a suitable pyramid shape from the Pyramid Shape library into the document page.
  • Step 2: To configure level number, use these commands: Set Level Number, Add Level, or Delete Level from the Action Menu.
  • Step 3: To change level text, double click the target level, and start typing.
  • Steps

    Extra Functions for Creating Pyramid Diagrams

  • In most of the shapes, each level has its own floating button. Hitting on it can insert/delete level, move up/down the level. Click on the diagram firstly, and then click on the target level. After the level is selected, its floating button shows.
  • Level Floating Button

  • As for 3D pyramids, you can change its vertical intervals by clicking on its floating button.

  • Inverted Pyramid 3 and Pyramid 4 are special templates with intelligent text blocks. In their floating menus, you can choose to hide/show the left text or right text. In addition, you can adjust the text block size by dragging the yellow diamond control dot.
  • Show/Hide Text
    Change Text Size

    Build Pyramid Diagrams from Readymade Templates

    To save yourself time and energy, construct your pyramid diagram by editing a suitable template. Here are some well-designed templates for reference and free download.

    3D Pyramid Chart Example

    Feudalism Pyramid Diagram

    This is a 3D pyramid chart about European Feudalism. It is free for download and easily editable. With some clip arts, it becomes more visualized.

    3D Maslow Pyramid Chart Example

    Maslow Pyramid Diagram

    Presented on the right is a 3D Maslow pyramid diagram. It is more visually attractive with some clipart pictures.
    Maslow Pyramid

    Brand Resonance Pyramid Chart Example

    Brand Resonance Pyramid

    To depict your topic in more details, you can select a pyramid diagram template with text box, just like the right example.

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    Draw 3D Pyramid Diagrams Amazingly Quickly

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