Disable Word Shortcut Keys - Save, Print, New, Open Short Keys

Edraw Office Viewer Component allows developers to disable save, print, new, open, copy shortcut keys in MS Word.

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Disables MS Word Save Shortcut Keys

boolean WordDisableSaveHotKey(boolean Disable);
Disalbe: Disables the CTRL+S, SHIFT+F12, Alt+SHIFT+F2, F12

In the DocumentOpened event, you can call the WordDisableSavehotKey method to prevent the save hot key.

Sample Code:

Sub DocumentOpenedEvent ()
End Sub
<SCRIPT FOR=OA1 EVENT= DocumentOpened ()>

[id(4), helpstring("Occurs when document is opened or new document added.")]
void DocumentOpened();

Disables MS Word Print Shortcut Keys

boolean WordDisablePrintHotKey(boolean Disable);
Disalbe: Disables the CTRL+P, CTRL+SHIFT+F12, CTRL+F2, ALT+CTRL+I

Disables MS Word Copy Shortcut Keys

boolean WordDisableCopyHotKey(boolean Disable);
Disalbe: Disables the CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+X, SHIFT+DEL, SHIFT+INSERT, ALT+CTRL+V, CTRL+SHIFT+C, CTRL+INSERTDisable Word Save Shortcut Keys.

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