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Easy Fashion Design Method

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Posted by James Freeman | 07/09/2021
This article guides you how to design your own fashionable dress even without any experience. From now on, you can design your individualized style and be more attractive at lower cost.

Tips to Design Clothes That Sell

1. Get clear on how you want to sell your product, e.g., home parties, wholesale, retails, online, street fairs, etc. Where you sell your products impacts what and how you design.

2. Clearly define your target market - whom you want to sell your clothes. Think about factors like age, demographics, life-stage, professions, consuming habits, likes, dislikes, etc. The more specific you are, the better.

3. Design clothes to meet existing needs instead of designing new styles and then finding customers.

4. Keep your product assortment narrow and specialized. You don't need to begin with a whole collection that includes dresses, pants, tops, jackets, and skirts and even accessories. Pick one category like dresses or suits, and focus on it.

5. If you're a new hand, aim for 10 – 12 pieces in your line. Don't try to do too much too soon.

6. The biggest selling-point is something that can really satisfy customers' need.

7. Research, research and research. Go shopping frequently and observe what your competitors are doing. Compare your line to your competitors' lines and seek for more ideas in terms of design materials, styles, display and delivery.

8. Think creatively. Most customers want to stand out from the crowd in distinctive dresses.

Edraw offers a simple method to design clothes. It enables everyone to design his/her own clothes. See how to do it easily in the following guide.

Open Fashion Design Template

There are three types of templates for fashion design in Edraw, namely Girl Dress, Man Suit and Child Dress. Choose Fashion Design from the Available Templates list. Double click the template icon to open it.

Fashion Templates

Ifyouhaven't Edraw Max, you can download it here

Choose Fashion Design Shape

After you open a template, corresponding shapes are presented to the left of the page. As for girl dress, a group of model shapes are also included. Select a shape you need and drag it to the drawing page.

Girl Shapes

Select shape

Clicking one time on the shape area selects the whole shape. A green outline with control points shows after selected.
Clicking twice on a specific area selects that area only (a few seconds after the first click). A blue outline with control points shows after selected.
Clicking within the blue box selects a smaller part of it. Thus you can change accessories like shoes or tie.
Move the pointer and click other area of the shape to select other subshapes.
Click outsides the shape to unselect it.

Select Shape

Change Color

If you are not satisfied with the predefined colors, change them by using the color bar or color palette.

Change Color

Fashion Design Templates

Vector Fashion Vector Fashion 2 Vector girl
Fashion Design 1 Fashion Design 2 Fashion Design 3
vector girls vector girls vector girls
Fashion Design 4 Fashion Design 5 Fashion Design 6
vector girls vector girls vector girls
Fashion Design 7 Fashion Design 8 Fashion Design 9

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