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Creative Thinking Mind Map Examples and Templates

> Mind Map Examples > Creative Thinking Mind Map Examples and Templates
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/07/2019
A mind map about creative thinking is shown below, which is drawn by Edraw mind map software. Users can use this easily customizable template to make your own mind map.

Creative Thinking Mind Map Examples

Using this mind map template and Edraw massive built-in symbols can save many hours in creating great mind maps. You can download and modify this mind map template for your own use.

Creative Thinking Mind Map Template

Download Creative Thinking Mind Map Templates in PDF Format

Download Creative Thinking Mind Map Templates in Editable Format

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Mind Map Example - Creative Thinking

1. How to Kill Creative Thinking
1.1 Role Mismatch
1.2 Too Much End-Goal Restriction
1.3 Strict Ration of Resources
1.4 Lack of Group Diversity
1.5 Discouragement
1.6 No Positive Feedback
2. The Character Traits of Creative People
2.1 Creative People Are Eccentric
2.2 Creative People Often Feel Isolated
2.3 Creative People Are Both Smart + Responsible And Irresponsible + Immature
2.4 Creative People Are Often Arrogant
2.5 Creative People Are A Bit Crazy
3. How to Boost Your Creative Thinking
3.1 Restrict Yourself
3.2 Re-Conceptualize the Problem
3.3 Create Psychological Distance
3.4 Daydream and Then Get Back to Work
3.5 Embrace Something Absurd
3.6 Separate Work From consumption
3.7 Create During A Powerful Mood
3.8 Get Moving

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