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Create Science Diagram in a Breath

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Use Edraw to present your science enthusiasm visually and easily in science diagrams. Learn how to do it here. Edraw walk you through the exploration and discovery in the magic world of science.

When it comes to visualization, actually, you are more capable than you think. From knowing nothing to a presentation-quality diagram, it happens in a breath.

What Kinds of Science Diagrams You Can Get

From Edraw, you can get a whole lot of benefits. Starting from templates, check it out from the following links.

Mechanics Optics Chemistry Equation Flashcards
Laboratory Equipment Molecular Model Mathematics Worksheets
Science Templates

How to Create Science Diagrams

Each type of diagram template is embedded with many vivid shapes. Some of them are attached with dynamic action button. You just need to drag, drop and click to add, connect or edit shapes. Generally, get started by following these steps.

Steps to Make Science Diagrams

Create Science Diagrams from Readymade Templates

A faster way is to starting from well-prepared examples. All left to do is to replace the contents with your own data. Download examples you need from the links below.

Science Examples

How Science Works

Exploration and Discovery

The right diagram show how science works from 3 perspectives. Click the picture to view large version and download it for free.

Water Cycle Diagram

Water Cycle

This diagram shows the water cycle visually. You can change the color, font and line style with 1 click through the themes.
Click here to gain more education resources.

Story Board


Presented is a story board template. It helps kids to summarize or retell a story more logically.
You can let your kids design such kind of study aids with our simple diagram maker.

Learn New Words

Learning a New Word

Learning new words become fun with visual diagrams like the right one. Visual presentation of the word's meaning, synonyms and sentences help students understand it better.

Biology Diagram and Illustration Software - Start Biology Drawing Easily

Photosynthesis Flowchart

Chemical Experiment of Middle School

Chemical Compounds




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