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Create a Fantastic Mind Map Funnily

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/07/2019
Making mind maps is actually a piece of cake with proper mind map maker. Mind maps are the optimal choice to stimulate flow of ideas. Learn how to create your own mind map via easy software to brainstorm, visualize, organize and strategize.

Create Effective Mind Maps with Easy Tool

An effective mind map should be organized and clear, which can classify and present ideas in an easy to understand way. You can learn some guidelines for making effective mind maps.

Here is a popular mind map maker that can help you build mind map effectively. Its neatly organized ribbon tool bar, auto connection function and rich built-in symbols all make the design process fun. You can try this mind map software right now for free.

Draw Mind Map Fast with Readymade Examples

Self Analysis

An example of Self Analysis Mind Map is displayed on the right for your reference. It is perfectly formatted and enhanced with clip art.
If you want to use more ready-made examples, go to Mind Map Examples page and click on the mina map that best suits you.

Steps to Create a Mind Map (with Pictures)

Step 1 Start a Blank Mind Map Drawing Page

Blank Page

1. Start Edraw.
2. On start page, click Mind Map in Template Categories list; click a template.
3. Click Create to open a blank mind map drawing page.
4. The Mind Map libraries panel and Mind Map tab open.
5. Drag a Main Idea shape onto the drawing page.
Alternatively, you can also get started from a template to save time. To do so: After the 1 to 2 steps above, double click a preferable example to open it. Then you can begin to add your own text to replace the original content.

Step 2 Add Main Topics and Subtopics

There are several ways to do this. Connectors are added automatically.

Use the Insert Key - the Fastest Way

1. Press Insert key the first time to add a pair of Main Idea and Main Topic Shapes.
2. Press Insert more times to add more Main Topic shapes.
3. Press Ctrl + Insert to add Subtopic shapes to the Main Topic shape selected.

Use the Floating Button

Click Floating Button

1. Select a shape.
2. Click the floating button to add topic or sub topic.

Drag and Drop Mind Map Shapes

drag to add

1. Drag a shape over the target shape.
2. Release the mouse when an orange box shows.

Add Multiple Topics

Multiple Topics Added

If you want to add more than one topic each time, use Add Multiple Topics.
1. Click Add Multiple Topics on Mind Map tab.
2. Type in or copy topic text to the dialogue box.
3. Click OK.
Note: The number of lines of text determines the topic number. The layout sequence is automatically configured as clockwise, from left to right or top to down.

Step 3 Arrange the Layout of Mind Map

Change the Whole Layout Style

Mindmap Tab

1. Choose the Main Idea shape.
2. Select a layout style on Mind Map tab.
3. Click Distance on Mind Map tab to Increase/Decrease Horizontal/Vertical Distance if you only need minor changes.

Change the Layout Style of a Certain Part

1. Choose the Main Topic shape.
2. Select a layout style on Mind Map tab.

Change All Connectors' Styles

Connection Style

1. Press Ctrl + A to select the whole map.
2. Click Connection Style.
3. Select the style you prefer.
To see more details about Mind Map Layout, please refer to this link - Mind Map Layout.

Change Some Connectors' Styles

1. Choose the shape whose connectors you want to change.
2. Click Connection Style.
3. Select the style you like. The connectors between the selected shape and the shape/shapes of next level will be changed.

Change Location of a Certain Shape

Location Changed

1. Move the pointer over the target shape.
2. Drag the shape to the location where you want to place it. The pointer turns into four-direction arrow to show which shapes is selected. When dragging, an orange box appears to show the location.
3. Drop the shape when you have moved it to the location you want.

Step 4 Insert Contents to Mind Map

Add Text to Shapes

1. Double click the shape.
2. A red box shows.
3. Type contents in the text box.
4. Click a blank area on the drawing page to finish typing.


Note: By default, the connectors are locked. You need to click Lock Connector button on Mind Map tab to unlock them if you want to edit them. Connectors in Mind Map cannot be added text to.

Add Numberings to Text


Click Numbering on the Mind Map tab.

Add Symbols to Shapes

There are an array of symbols specifically designed for mind maps, such as Numbers, Flag and Arrow. They can be glued to shapes directly while you drag them onto shapes.
1. Open Symbols stencil.
2. Choose the symbol you need.
3. Drag it over the shape you want to add symbol to.
4. An orange box shows.
5. Release the mouse.
Add Symbols

Insert Shapes from Library

Insert Shape

Please keep in mind that, when using this function, you can only insert shapes from the currently opened library. The default position is on the left. You can adjust the position by right click on the inserted shape.
1. Click Insert Shape from Library.
2. Choose the shape you need.

Insert Pictures to Shapes

Insert Pcture

Except for the attached symbols, we recommend to use Insert Picture tool on Mind Map tab to insert pictures to shapes. In this way, the added pictures will be glued to the shapes so that they can be edited together. Otherwise, they are still separate.
1. Select the shape you need to insert shape to.
2. Click Insert Picture.
3. Choose the position for the picture.
4. Click Insert Picture again.
5. Locate the picture you need.
6. Click Open.

Note: The position of inserted picture can also be changed by right clicking on it to choose another position.

Insert Relationship


Some shapes are not connected directly. But you can show their relationship by using Insert Relationship.
1. Click Insert Relationship.
2. Move the pointer to one of the shapes you wish to insert relationship to.
3. The connection points appear and the one under the pointer becomes red.
4. Drag the mouse from the selected connection point to another shape's connection point.

Special Functionalities of Edraw Mind Map Software


When you are presenting the mind map, you can use this functionality to magnify details. It can hide the parallel and upper-layer relationships so that you can focus on details.
1. Select the topic you need to focus on.
2. Right click on it to open the right-click menu.
3. Click Drill.

Create Gantt Chart from Mind Map

1. Click Create Gantt button on the Mind Map tab.
2. Click Next Step.
3. Change the Gantt chart display option.
4. Click OK.

Built-in Shapes for Creating Mind Map Quickly

Mindmap Shape

When you open an example in the Mind Map Templates, the Mind Map Shapes stencil opens at the same time. At least one set of shapes are needed to create a mind map, including a Main Idea, Main Topic and Sub-topic shape.

Beautiful Symbols for Building Fun Mind Map

Mindmap Symbol

To make the mind map picturesque and fun, you can add the attached symbols or insert shapes from library. The Numbers and Dynamic Progress symbols are editable. As for the Numbers shapes, you can change the numbers.
1. Double click them.
2. Type in numbers.
Change Number
To change the process status shown by Dynamic Process shape, follow these steps.
1. Select the symbol.
2. Move the pointer over the floating button.
3. Choose a pre-defined value of Set Process to specify desired value.
Edit Dynamic Pprocess

Mind Map Themes


Based-on Mind Map's distinctive feature, we have designed a series of Mind Map themes to offer more diversified styles for you to choose. In the default theme, the main idea shape is blue; the main topic shape is green and the connectors are straight. To change all shapes and connectors style once at a time, follow these steps:
1. Click Mind Map menu.
2. Click Mind Map Theme. Then the thumbnails of all available Mind Map themes show.
3. Choose your desired theme.

Add Hyperlink to Mind Map

Adding Hyperlink

You can link your Map to any website you want. To navigate between different pages of your drawing conveniently, you can also link a certain topic to one specific page. Thus, you can show more detail of a certain topic.
1. Move the pointer over the target shape.
2. Right click on the shape to open the right-click menu.
3. Choose Hyperlink and the Hyperlink dialogue box shows.
4. Enter the website address you want to link and choose the page number of current document if you want to navigate within your own mind map.
5. A thumbnail shows to represent the hyperlink. Click it to go to the linked page.
Note: If you don't need the added hyperlink and want to delete it. Right click on the shape. Then choose hyperlink and click Delete in the Hyperlink dialogue box.

Add Note to Mind Map

Note Box
Note Added

One amazing thing to point out is that you can immediately add notes during your presentation when your audiences give you advice or comments. And your boss can also add notes to your work quite conveniently when reviewing.
1. Move the pointer over the target shape.
2. Right click on the shape to open the right-click menu.
3. Choose Note and the Note dialogue box shows.
4. Type in the text.
5. A thumbnail looking like a notebook shows to represent the added Note. Click it to show the note.
Note: If you don't need the added note and want to delete it. Right click on the shape. Then delete the text in the dialogue box.

Add Attachment to Mind Map

Adding Attachment

Compared with PowerPoint, Edraw Mind Map's strength of adding attachment lies in its convenience. Right after you add the attachment, the attached document has been saved in the file. That means you don't need to take that document with the file every time you move it. If you send the mind map to your colleagues, they can also see the attachment.
1. Move the pointer over the target shape.
2. Right click on the shape to open the right-click menu.
3. Choose Attachment and locate the file you want to add.
4. Click OK.
5. A thumbnail looking like a pin shows to represent the added Attachment. Click it to show the Attachment.
Note: For other viewers of your Min Map, they can even copy the attachments and save them for future use. To do so, click Copy File to in the Attachment dialogue box. Clicking Remove File will delete the attachment.

Create Click Event Map

If you want to open the hyperlink more easily by just clicking a shape rather than the tiny thumbnail, you can create a Click Event Map. After you add the hyperlink,
1. Right click on the shape with hyperlink.
2. Select Click Event Map.
3. Choose Hyperlink in the dialogue box.
4. Click OK.

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